Crying Wolf (Movie Review)

British Horror Comedy Crying Wolf is certainly an interesting film that will attract interest. Released in the USA via Uncork’d Entertainment on December 12th, 2015, it was filmed in Resthill Farm, Over Worton, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England, and was written by Andy Davie (Flash Back 2008, Time 2012), Michael Dale, and Tony Jopia (Deadtime 2012, Cute Little Buggers 2015), who also directed the film.

Still from Crying Wolf
Still from Crying Wolf

The events of the film are set in a combination of modern and sightly less modern times, and told via an observational and narrative point of view. After the shocking death of a young girl in a small English town called Deddington, a man (Billy Chainsaw: The Sleeping Room 2014, Phometrica 2015) enters a shop to purchase a strange book. The shopkeeper (Caroline Munro: The Spy Who Loved Me 1977, Maniac 1980) is reluctant to sell it to him, but after much wrangling, he obtains it. He then settles in to read it in an old pub.

The book reveals tales of the macabre, involving a pack of werewolves and the terror they imparted. He begins the story, and it weaves a strange tale. The werewolves are a bunch of mismatched rag tag people, led by Milly (Gabriela Hersham: Gypsy 2014, When the Devil Comes 2016) and her boyfriend Andy (Kristopher Dayne: Cute Little Buggers 2015, Apocalypse 2016). The group includes Dave (John R. Walker: Valley of the Demon 2014, The Amityville Playhouse 2015), Mark (Ian Donnelly: Versus 2015, The Amityville Playhouse 2015), Harold (Roger Pinkham), Emma (Rosie Pearson: Fired 2015, Forbidden Love 2015), and Ricky (Marco Radice: Dead Trust: Prequel 2011, The Sea, The God, The Man 2016). The group decide to go camping in the Cotswalls, and before they are ready to leave, Emma’s step-sister Kim (Kimberly Jaraj: Wasteman Diaries 2014, Tic Tock Trick 2016) arrives in a taxi. Kim plans on coming camping with Emma and her friends, unaware they are all werewolves.

Still from Crying Wolf
Still from Crying Wolf

Each member of the pack has their own quirky personality traits which complicates the camping adventure. The arrival of two hitchhikers and pick pockets, Terri (Alyssa Noble) and June (Chloe Farnworth: Dirty Money 2015, Ava’s Impossible Things 2016), adds an entirely new element to the group’s focus. After the usual getting to know you banter, things soon take a violent turn, and the pack find they are up against something bigger than they are.

Much of Crying Wolf is made up of flashbacks, flashbacks of the flashbacks, and back stories of each character. This is where much of the humor is derived from, but also some confusion. The movie flicks between the story within the story and the narrator, whose demeanor and subject matter are entirely more intense than the one being told. There are some unusual segues that make little sense, but the entire film should not be taken seriously. Each viewer will walk away with an entirely different point of view and experience. In some ways, Crying Wolf resembles a combination of Benny Hill and 1981’s An American Werewolf in London, yet its wit saves it from being a complete mess. The action and dialogue are shaky, the special effects simple, but effective. By the end of the movie, the viewer may be confused about what they have just seen. Although, taken for what it is, a Horror Comedy, it has definite cult possibilities.

Crying Wolf still
Crying Wolf still

To say Crying Wolf is an unusual film is an understatement, but by no means is it unoriginal. There is an odd elegance to its twisted nature, its fast pace, and its strange characters. It is definitely one to watch more than once, and there are plenty of unexpected laughs to be had. The team of Davie, Dale, and Jopia are a writing and directing trio to keep an eye out for. CrypticRock gives Crying Wolf 4 out of 5 stars.

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