CrypticRock Presents: Top 10 Horror Films of 2017

CrypticRock Presents: Top 10 Horror Films of 2017

In 2017, something special happened in the Horror genre, the product improved! It is not to say films in recent years have not been up to par, but it could be the pinnacle year of a slow burning revolution of original Horror flicks. From thrillers to chillers, to sequels, and beyond, there are plenty of titles worth talking about. So dive into an carefully decided list of the Top 10 Horror films of 2017. 

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Annabelle: Creation:

Annabelle: Creation is one of the top Horror flicks of 2017 for being a successful second shot at redemption for the devious, demonic doll. Expectations were exceeded with this perfect Horror prequel that really outshone the original in just about every facet. The acting was amazing, the cinematography was commendable, the story was interesting, the pacing was perfect, and the scares were both plentiful and effective. It did well at reminding viewers why the doll deserved to be among the feared, Horror greats.

Warner Bros.

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The Babysitter:

Whether you love a good Teen Comedy or a bloody good Horror offering, Director McG’s The Babysitter has you covered. Lighthearted, filmed in vibrant technicolor, and offering a truly impressive plot-twist, this is a film that turns a super-hot dream girl into mommy’s worst nightmare. There are witticisms and gore, girl-on-girl, a killer car crash, some Sci-Fi dream team dorking out, and, oh yes, one bad-ass babysitter. Worth the Netflix subscription, The Babysitter delivers that brand of off-kilter quirk that shines through in flicks like 1996’s Scream and 2009’s Jennifer’s Body. In other words, it is a must-see!


A Dark Song:

A Dark Song makes the list for being a deeply affecting cinematic work of art that beautifully coupled tragedy with horror. Though it was slow-burning, the scares were more subtle, and the special effects were minimal, the film more than made up for that with its profound message, immersive imagery and score, and outstanding performances. It truly forced viewers to search within their own souls for answers to questions they did not even know they had prior to watching the film.

IFC Midnight

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The Eyes of My Mother:

Initially having premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016, The Eyes of My Mother finally was given a broader release on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD back in March of 2017. Filmed in Black & White, Nicolas Pesce’s debut full-length feature is a compelling look into the madness that comes with loneliness. Beautifully shot and wonderfully executed, this is a film no one who appreciates a film that allows them to develop their own opinions will want to miss. Also featuring future movie star Kika Magalhães as the lead character Francisca, The Eyes of My Mother is one of those films that deserves more attention.


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Get Out:

Socially topical, and not what one would expect, Get Out certainly deserves a mention as one of the best Horror films of 2017. The directorial debut from Jordan Peele, Get Out is unsettling, obscure, and mind-twisting. Leaving the door open for a sequel… who knows where Peele will go next in the Horror genre realm.

Universal Pictures

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It is easily the year’s best Horror film, and for so many reasons other than just shattering multiple records at the box office – Highest Grossing Horror Film, Largest Horror Release, Best Stephen King Adaptation, and Best Horror Remake. The film’s brilliant direction, incredibly talented cast, stellar performances, visually-striking cinematography, poignant film score, and exceptional special effects mesmerized viewers and packed a real punch when it came to the intensity of the scares. Its success can be attributed to the culmination of many masterful cinematic components.

Warner Bros.

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Without contest, Darren Arnofsky’s mother! takes the crown for best film of 2017. Actress Jennifer Lawrence is downright incredible starring in the title role, as Arnofsky unleashes a fresh, new world of Horror onto an unsuspecting audience. An amazing film, from beginning to end.

Paramount Pictures

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French Horror standout Raw is a coming of age story of a young vegetarian woman in her first year in veterinary school, and through a hazing ritual that the freshman students are on the receiving end of, tastes meat for the first time in her life. The protagonist, Justine, goes through all the tribulations of an awkward, fish out of water, along with the looming specter of a growing hunger for meat inside her. Written and directed by Julia Ducournau, Raw delivers one of the best Horror stories of the year that does not feel derivative in the slightest and provides a savage bite that will leave an serious impression on viewers.

Focus World

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Split :

Sometimes the most horrific and terrifying cages are psychological. Such is the case with Split, Oscar winner James McAvoy inhibits its lead character in this Hitchcock-esque tale. One of M. Night Shyamalan’s best in some time, it is a film that will have audience’s minds swirling.

Universal Pictures

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The Void:

Independent Canadian film The Void is a throwback in a few ways, and really stands out this year as a movie that does cosmic Horror right. The film has a twisted, bizarre narrative that keeps the viewer in an almost constant state of confusion, but not frustration. The longer it goes on, the more other-worldly things get, and there are some truly creative and gruesome monsters throughout. The Void’s biggest asset is its use of practical special effects, which is a lost art in filmmaking. Lovecraftian Horror done properly and some great, refreshing effects earn The Void a spot on the list.

D Films

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