CrypticRock Presents: Top 10 Horror Films of 2014

CrypticRock Presents: Top 10 Horror Films of 2014

The Horror film genre had a solid mix of new, original, and interesting films in 2014. With a group of talented writers, directors, and producers, the year wraps up as one of the most exciting in recent memory, proving that Horror cinema is alive and well. Featuring films with a macabre spectrum ranging from supernatural to zombies, and even Sasquatch, Horror fans had a lot to sink their teeth into. CrypticRock has rounded up the plethora of released this year and whittled a long impressive list of films to the top 10 Horror films of 2014.


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As Above, So Below:

A brilliant archaeologist delves deep within the Earth to uncover an ancient mystical artifact, the Philosopher’s stone. What she uncovers is something that will change the history of religion, if she survives.  A startling film that should be seen more than once.


The Canal: 

A darkly twisted psychological horror, about a grieving father investigating a horrific crime that occurred in his house. A must watch with the lights on.


Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead:

A Norwegian-Icelandic Horror Comedy that included scary Nazi Zombies, and the funniest practical uses for Zombies, set across the vastness of snowy mountains.



A frightening reality based film, that examines the existence of the Sasquatch, and its interactions with humans.


The Guest:

The Guest effectively fuses action, thriller and mystery in a seamless form. It keeps the viewer guessing from start to finish and will not disappoint.



An orphaned brother and sister obtain an infamous mirror with a long history of bloody gory deaths with the hope of solving the mystery around their parents death.


The Possession of Michael King:

A Widower is driven by his grief to delve into the dark arts with disastrous consequences. A creepy movie with murderous intent.



An unflinching and realistic look at the minds of diluted and depraved individuals. A slow burn that packs a serious punch in its subject matter. Not for the faint of heart.

proxy movie poster 2


A lightly cloaked werewolf movie bringing the Wolfman into the modern age. A tightly woven storyline, with incredible scenery and special effects.


The Taking of Deborah Logan:

Do not let “found footage” and “possession” in this movie’s description deter interest. The Taking of Deborah Logan is an original take on a tired genre, the protagonist not an over-sexed teenager or a creepy little kid, but a proud, older woman in the uncontrollable throes of Alzheimer’s disease.What if this sickness is nothing more than a cover for something more sinister?


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