CrypticRock Presents: Top 10 Horror Films of 2015

CrypticRock Presents: Top 10 Horror Films of 2015

Those who say the Horror film genre is not producing any quality films anymore, clearly has not been paying attention. With a mix of modern and classic themes approached among filmmakers, 2015 saw a great deal of new, original films hit screens across the world. While Independent film continues to boom with talented individuals, Hollywood also managed to put out some gems worth checking out as well. With Ghosts, the unknown, and the ever trendy Zombie themes dominating the genre, the time has come to reflect on the best of the year. CrypticRock sort through the massive list of new titles released and break it down to a respective Top 10 Horror films of 2015.


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Crimson Peak:

Crimson Peak is a stunningly beautiful film about a girl who escapes here past to get swept away in a house that is a character of itself. As it bleeds and breathes, it repetitively sucks her in to desperately tell its story. More a Gothic romance than a Ghost story, Crimson Peak is worthy of Top 10 Horror films of 2015 for its imagination, along with some gore.
crimson poster

The Green Inferno: 

Shrouded in secrecy, The Green Inferno was 2015′s most highly anticipated flick for Horror fans. The movie sat on Director/Screenwriter Eli Roth’s shelf for three years while rumors spread about the cause for the delay in release – some went so far as to blame the setback on the supposedly excessive gore or the political controversy surrounding the film – when in actuality, the problem was more mundane, merely a juggling of production companies until they could find one willing to back the film and its marketing. All this, combined with Roth’s iconic form of grisly storytelling, makes The Green Inferno a must see movie, and one of the best of 2015.


It Follows:

It Follows might have been one of the more divisive films among Horror fans, but it makes our Top 10 for its skilled juxtaposition of nostalgia and unease. Set against a sumptuous backdrop of a depressed Detroit suburb, this tale features a relentless supernatural menace that preys on a group of friends who are straddling the border of adolescence and adulthood. It Follows offers viewers a chilling reminder of a fact they would rather forget: what follows adulthood is, ultimately, death, and there is no escaping that.


Maggie takes the Zombie character, and brings it front and center of the family setting. In doing so, what could have been a run-of-the-mill Horror movie, becomes a brilliant tragedy as a family must deal when one of theirs is gradually changing.


This oddball Indie film takes viewers by surprise with its unexpected blending of genres. Part Lovecraft, part Cronenberg, and part Ephron — yes, as in Nora — this film has something for everyone. Filmed on location in a gorgeous seaside village in Italy, Spring is, quite simply, a beautiful film.


The Final Girls:

Welcome to Camp BloodBath, where there can only be one survivor, but when the storyline is thrown through the loop, who will be the Final Girl? The Final Girls is heartfelt, with cheesy fun, loveable characters, a mix of Horror and Comedy, and nods to the best old Slasher films. Some fans even say that this film will be an instant cult classic – enjoyed for generations to come.
final girls poster

The Visit:

Set in present day rural Pennsylvania, M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit is about a pair of teenagers spending a week with their single-mother’s estranged parents. The viewer is provided with many clues as to the source of the horror and the final reveal is unexpected, an aspect of the film that makes it a stand out in the genre. Shyamalan mixes frights with humor well in the film, with a trademark ending expected from this accomplished director.


We Are Still Here:

Ted Geoghegan directed the We Are Still Here Ghost story that is high on creep factor, blood, gore and good old scares. All of this and more make this tale of vengeful spirits a stand out film. Along with outstanding special effects, script, and acting, it is a must-watch for Horror fans of all kinds.

we are still here poster

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead:

Wyrmwood: Road of Dead finally made it to American screens in 2015. It is a quintessential Australian Horror film about two friends dealing with a Zombie apocalypse. Different than others in their sub-genre, the only way these characters know how to defeat the undead is with beer and a sense of humor. A unique film, Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead takes the Zombie genre to new heights.
IFC Midnight


For the title alone, Zombeavers is immediately an ear-catching film for Horror fans. It is a deliciously furry tale, guaranteed to entice laughter and horror for anyone who dares watch it. Along with the likes of films like Sharknado, it is sure to become a Cult Horror film as years pass.

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    PiercingMetal Ken
    Posted at 15:09h, 19 December Reply

    Solid list and a few of these films I want to check out but there was not a lot of movie time in my 2015 outside of “Avengers Age Of Ultron” and “Ant-Man” with a few choice others. I heard that “Unfriended” was superb and startling from a noted Horror maven so surprised it was not on your top list.

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