cumgirl8 – cumgirl8 (EP Review)

cumgirl8 – cumgirl8 (EP Review)

If you are provoking a reaction, then you are doing something right. Of course, reactions can come in various forms – from shock, to disgust, or just plain curiosity. The reaction to the all-female band known as cumgirl8 probably lies somewhere in the midst of it all. Immediately grabbing your attention with a title that sounds like something someone would have used as an AOL screename some two decades ago, you are probably thinking – what in the world is this all about?

A valid question, like most things, you simply should not jump to any sort of conclusion before trying to understand it. That said, cumgirl8 is a trio made up of three ladies going by the names Lida Fox (bass, vocals), Veronika Vilim (guitar, vocals), and Chase Noelle (drums, vocals). All with their own unique stories, in short, Lida Fox is a photographer and former model out of South Carolina, Veronika Vilim is a model out of New York, and Chase Noelle, out of Indiana, is also known for working behind the kit with BOYTOY.

Coming together, Fox and Vilim, both with backgrounds in dance, decided to unite for cumgirl8, creating music that is non-pretentious and just plain fun. Bringing on Noelle as the third part of the equation, they have written a collection of songs that make up their debut self-titled EP out on Friday, May 1st via Muddguts Records.

Eight songs in total, without any knowledge beyond who these ladies are and their very interesting band name, the other question is, what do they sound like? Answering your burning curiosity, they are Punk, Rock, as well as quite adventurous musically. Imagine your favorite Punk Rock bands from the ’70s or early ’80s, harness their rebellious attitude and rawness, and you have cumgirl8. Now, this is not to say these ladies lack any ingenuity, as there is plenty to go around. Additionally, it is also not to say they lack any musicality, there is also more than enough of that involved in this debut, too.

That said, it all starts with a doozy of a track called “Hourglass” which features an irresistible bass line and voices coming at you from every angle that are chaotic yet oh so beautiful. Keeping it fun, plus adding a little cowbell for each measure, “Waffles” is an obscure number, before the dazzling trip of “Cherry Nipples,” then “Blue Planet,” which has British Punk written all over it. Furthermore, “Take Me Home” is a genre-less cut that utilizes synth, more marvelously schizophrenic vocals, while “Aliens” lives up to its name with a psychedelic vibe, and “Clay People” is a multi-layered exploration that peaks in the red on the soundboard. Which leads to the explosive climax coming in the form of “Answer,” a song which as lyrically compelling as it is unhinging.

Space Rock? Punk Rock? New Wave? How about just call them their own entity, because that is exactly what cumgirl8 really are. They are raw, unpredictable, and a delightful reprieve from the same old, same old. Worth checking out for the more open-minded listener with an affinity for what Punk really is supposed to be about, Cryptic Rock gives this debut 4 out of 5 stars.

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