Danger Danger celebrate 25 years Revolution Bar & Music Hall Amityville, NY 8-30-14

Danger Danger celebrate 25 years Revolution Bar & Music Hall Amityville, NY 8-30-14

The 1980s was defined by the concept that bigger is better.  Rock-n-Roll also subscribed to this notion with a crop of talented raunchy bands living the fantasy only some ever approach.  Among those which attained success in the age of excess was New York’s Danger Danger.  Formed in 1987, the band really made noise with their debut self-titled album on Epic Records back in 1989.  Forever etched in history with a raw rock sound, this band from the borough of Queens have lived on for over two decades in a variety of formations while releasing seven studio albums.  Now in 2014, celebrating the 25th anniversary of their debut album, the original line-up of bassist Bruno Ravel, drummer Steve West, vocalist Ted Poley, guitarist Andy Timmons, and keyboardist Kasey Smith reunite on stage to rock again.  Scheduled for a handful of shows, this special event came to Amityville, NY on Saturday August 30th to play Revolution Bar & Music Hall.

Starting out the Labor Day weekend celebration was Westbury, NY product Finister Baby.  Together for over two decades, Finister Baby released their debut album Take A Lick An’ See on Mausoleum Records back in 1993.  Still rocking hard, the band jammed through a set of straight-on Metal filled with crunchy guitars and rough vocals.  Next up was another local act by the name of Pink Velvet Krush.  Comprised of veteran musicians such as drummer Ryche Green (formerly of The Bulletboys), guitarist Greg Polcari (formerly of Britny Fox), vocalist Doug Savage (Vaudville), guitarist Sean Quidgeon (Dust and Bones), and bassist Steve Rivera; Pink Velvet Krush bring a ton of experience to the stage.  Performing a series of quality songs, the band received a warm welcome from the crowd.

As the night wore on the crowd on the floor and around the bar became larger and louder as they awaited Danger Danger.  While many reminisced of years past and being there to watch Danger Danger break onto to the scene, it was easy to see the love for this band has not faded.  Opening up with “Boys Will Be Boys”, “Rock America”, and “Turn it On”, everyone was dancing along and enjoying every minute.  Poley expressed similar affection for the audience and confessed that besides a rehearsal earlier in the week, this was in fact the first time all five original members had been on stage together since 1992.  Letting that knowledge sink in for a moment, everyone realized they were about to experience a piece of rock history as the band moved on with “Beat The Bullet” and “Don’t Walk Away”.  Given a chance to settle down, Smith went into a beautiful keyboard solo that had everyone hollering as they went into “One Step From Paradise”.   Poley’s voice, as soaring as ever, went through each song with ease and the musical chops of Ravel, West, Timmons, as well as Smith have not dulled one bit.  It was as if a time warp had brought Revolution Bar & Music Hall back to 1989 and it felt so good.

Rocketing along, “Under The Gun” followed with Screw It! (1991) track “Don’t Blame It On Love”.  Paying attention to tracks people remember so well from albums they continue to spin until this day, Danger Danger’s set was balanced and full of action all the way through.  Songs like “I Still Think About You”, “Money Business”, and “Bang Bang” really brought back memories, and the enthusiasm by the band made those memories so vivid.  Timmons’ guitar work was nothing less than outstanding as he ripped through solo after solo with soul and precision.  While the noise level from the room was elevated all evening, the loudest reaction came during the performance of “Naughty Naughty”.  Seeming like the party was all but over, Danger Danger kept the monumental event going with an encore which featured “Live It Up”.

This was one special evening that rock fans will soon not forget.  While the floor was completely packed with bodies from the front to back, Danger Danger kept the mood relaxed and intimate all the way through and not one person left until the very last song.  Fortunately for all, the band performed this special reunion show right within the confines of the area where it all started for them.  Their delightful performance proved that it is never too late to relive fond memories in a fitting and triumphant fashion.

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