Danko Jones – Power Trio (Album Review)

Don’t look now, but Canada’s Danko Jones have 25 years of history in Rock-n-Roll under their belt. An impressive feat for any artist, the diverse Rock band celebrate their anniversary with their highly anticipated new album Power Trio out on Friday, August 27, 2021 via Sonic Unyon.

Lead by Mr. Danko Jones on lead guitars/vocals, John’ JC’ Calabrese has been on bass since it all started, while Rich Knox joined up behind the kit back in 2013. A formidable Heavy Rock trio, they bring a collection of eleven new songs for their milestone tenth studio album. Last just under forty minutes, the album is filled with ruthless and brutally honest Rock-n-Roll music.

Interestingly enough, as lively and strong as it is, compared to previous work from Danko Jones, Power Trio is still somehow more modest sounding. Not at all negative thing, this slight shift in the vibe could be because the album was mainly written in the studio and not on the road due to the pandemic. Additionally, lyrically the album is a bit different at times; telling tales about a Saturday night at home with the family, instead of on the road and in a bar. 

Yet still, Power Trio is far from boring or lame. As one track title implies, Danko Jones can still “Raise Some Hell.” Additionally, the opening track, “I Want Out,” sounds like a desperate cry for the end of this time of isolation during the ongoing pandemic, and we can all relate. This is while “Saturday” describes a lockdown Saturday evening at home for Danko Jones. 

However, “Good Lookin’,” “Blue Jean Denim Jumpsuit,” and “Dangerous Kiss” all still have the typical Danko Jones touch; Flirty with sexy vocals, wrapped in hot arrangements that get your body moving. And then there are also catchy qualities with the chorus lines of “Ship Of Lies” and “Get To You.” In fact, just about every other song has a catchy phrase, rhythm, melody or chorus that will grab hold of you. 

All in all is Power Trio is filled with quality Rock music that features distorted guitars, fast beats, and ear catching lyrical content. Moreover, the arrangements give the vocals of Jones enough room to be focused on separately. This is all thanks to the fact that the album does not have any fancy effects or electronic samples. It is just as true Rock-n-Roll was meant to be, and just how Danko Jones always intended it to be. That is why Cryptic Rock is giving this album 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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