Danzig & Corrosion Of Conformity Rattle The Paramount Huntington, NY 9-11-17

Danzig & Corrosion Of Conformity Rattle The Paramount Huntington, NY 9-11-17

Most of the time, Monday is not our favorite day of the week, but when two juggernaut bands perform a wall-rattling concert, a typically blue monday does not seem so bad. That said, on Monday, September 11, 2017 Danzig and Corrosion Of Conformity headlined a night to remember at The Paramount in Huntington, NY as part of their short fall tour. An infamous and somber day in history, marking the 16th anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks of 2001, there is no question it loomed in the mind’s of many. Perhaps some had a moment of silence earlier in the day while there is no doubt all will never forget and cherish the freedom they have to be able to enjoy a concert such as this one. This stated, a night of Metal was one hell of a way to kick off the week.  

With a full lineup, the show started promptly at 7:30 PM. The venue was slow to fill during the first act, a local band by the name of Carcosa. Those that did not come early surely missed a lot. This band is from Long Island, NY and, even though they only formed three short years ago, they were seriously tight. Tim Lipman (vocals), Andrew Pandolfo (bass), Kyle Molle (guitar), and Dan Lomeli (drums) performed an energetic half hour set full of their original songs; mostly off their June 2017 self-titled release. Those that were there in attendance really enjoyed their set including the songs “Walls” and “Terrorizer.” For all those who missed it and have a love for Thrash Metal, check these guys out.

As the next act, Mutoid Man, prepared to go on, the audience was treated to a full sound check and already witnessed how entertaining the band was. By now, the floor of the venue was packing tight, and while it was a dominantly male crowd, some of the ladies were dressed to kill with their rocking hair and mega high heels. After the lengthy soundcheck, the band left the stage for a few minutes and then returned to really rock the house.

Formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2012, Steve Brodsky (vocals, guitar) and Ben Koller (drums) wanted to put together a no-frills, frantic, and furious Metal band, and once Nick Cageao (bass) came on board, it was no holds barred. Since then they have release an EP, Helium Head in 2013, prior to two full-length albums, Bleeder in 2015 and War Moans earlier this year. They brought tons of personality to the stage as well as being very interactive with the audience and the crowd was just eating it all up. With only a half hour to play, they packed the set with “Melt Your Mind,” “Bone Chain,” “Micro Aggression,” “Kiss of Death,” and the fun “Date With the Devil.” They continued with “Reptilian Soul” sprinkled with Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown,” “1000 Mile Stare,” “Bridgeburner” and closed out the set with “Gnarcissist.”

By now, the floor was completely packed out and, after being pumped up by Mutoid Man, fans were really ready for the esteemed Corrosion Of Conformity. A band that has been on the scene since the early 1980s, they gained a majority of their commercial success in the early to mid 1990s with albums such as 1991’s Blind, 1994’s Deliverance, and 1996’s Wiseblood. Shifting lineups over the years, C.O.C. fans are elated that Pepper Keenan (vocals/guitar) has been back in the fold of recent, joining Woodroe Weatherman (guitar), Mike Dean (bass/vocals), and Reed Mullin (drums/vocals).

Ready to go, just before taking the stage, a roadie holding a full size American flag walked over to Dean’s bass amp and draped the flag on it for it to be in full view, and, being September 11th, it was very fitting to the mood. Now, with emotions high, the band came out, blasting the crowd with “Paranoid Opioid” and swiftly followed with “Broken Man.” Keenan, with a full smile on his face, said, “Thank you very much Long Island!” acknowledging all the cheering that was offered to them. 

Moving along, they played other recognizable songs such as “Seven Days,” “Vote With a Bullet” and “Who’s Got the Fire.” Then, before the next song, Keenan confessed the song was about getting high, to which everyone responded with cheers, before the band jammed into “Albatross.” Having the crowd in the palm of their hands with their heavy tone and great song selection, prior to closing out the set, Keenan expressed the band would love to come see them again next year before playing the powerful “Clean My Wounds.” High energy start to finish, the band gave lots of hope to C.O.C. fans eager to see them come around again in 2018. 

As if this was not enough Metal, there was still more to come, and that was the infamous Danzig. Originally fronting Punk Rock legends the Misfits, Glenn Danzig (vocals) has been on the scene since the late 1970s. Moving on from Misfits, by 1983 he would form the band Samhain, which later morphed into the band that would take his name. Danzig, the band, much more Rock/Metal than Punk, would find commercial success in the early 1990s, especially after the music video for “Mother” became a huge hit on MTV.

This aside, Danzig, the man, is so much more than Metal. Overall, he has sold over eight million records, but he does not stop there. In 1992, he composed a classical album, Black Aria, that debuted at No.1 on the Billboard Classical Chart. He has also written songs for other musician including the likes of Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison. If this was not enough diversity in his career, he also has a hand in adult-oriented comic books as owner of Verotik, and is a well-known author in this genre. Showing no signs of slowing down, at the age of 62, he is still buffed and strong, while his piercing eyes could make any man lose in a staring contest. 

With such a vast history, that could account for the wide age range in the audience, and they were more than ready for Danzig and his bandmates Tommy Victor (guitar), Steve Zing (bass/backing vocals), along with Johnny Kelly (drums). Anxious for them to take the stage, the crowd were not patiently waiting, many were chanting his name or just screaming intensely, wanting to hear some ear bleeding Metal. 

Once the stage lights dropped, there was utter mayhem of cheering and screaming. First on stage was the band as they started “SkinCarver,” before Danzig himself soon rushed out and ripped right into the vocals. A strong start, they moved about the stage leaving no stone unturned. Getting the adrenaline pumping, after “Twist of Cain” and “Devil on Hwy 9,” a small mosh pit started to swirl on the venue’s floor. Keeping his fans wanting more, “Her Black Wings,” “Godless,” and “Left Hand Black” came next as the mosh pit grew, while some even dared to crowd-surf. 

Before going any further, Danzig stopped and said to the crowd, “I can’t hear you!” and even though the crowd could most likely be heard well outside the walls of the venue, they managed to get louder. Seeming pleased with their responses, he simply thanked everyone before proceeding to “How The Gods Kill” and “Do You Wear the Mark.” Then came the song everyone knew by heart, “Dirty Black Summer.” Bold and vocal, Danzig stated, “We really play our instruments and I am really singing, this ain’t no puppet show!” 

The show continued with Danzig mentioning his latest album, Black Laden Crown, and introduced “Last Ride.” Then came “Snakes of Christ,” “Long Way Back From Hell,” and, of course, ending the main set with “Mother.” With another quick thank you, and a short break, chants of “Danzig, Danzig, Danzig” again rang through the air. Coming back out to perform one last song, “She Rides,” by now it was amazing that anyone in attendance still had a voice, but the cheers were just as strong as they sent the band off with smiles.

A night not to forget, the energy was through the roof and the walls felt as if they were rattling from start to finish. The pairing of Corrosion Of Conformity and Danzig is all but done on September 15th. Those who missed it, better luck next time. For those who made it out, they have plenty of stories to tell. 

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