Dark Funeral – We Are The Apocalypse (Album Review)

While the first wave of Black Metal had its day with bands such as Venom and Bathory, the second wave brought some gemstones to the scene as well, including Marduk and Dark Funeral. Today, just a bit shy of 30 years after their establishment, Dark Funeral returns with their seventh studio album We Are The Apocalypse via Century Media Records on March 18, 2022.

As far Swedish Black Metal bands go, despite their heavy satanic lyrics, Dark Funeral are among one of the lighter bands in this category on a musical standpoint. However, with We Are The Apocalypse a deeply sore dark energy can be felt a continent away…and it is full of admirable brutal anguish. Consisting of nine purified evil tracks, it will leave your ears dripping out with black blood in the most satisfying way. Sustaining many lineup changes over the years certainly has not held back Dark Funeral’s progression. Currently, the lineup consists of original Guitarist Lord Ahriman, Heljarmadr (vocals), Chaq Mol (guitars), Jalomaah (drums), and Adra Melek (bass).

Starting off the album “Nightfall” opens the gates of hell to all those who want a taste of what sacrifices Dark Funeral has to offer. It is a great beginning to a sound that seems to get heavier and heavier over the course of the album. This is continued with “Let The Devil In” which is another heavily filled Satanic themed tune which feels very nature. 

For Dark Funeral, this album is quite the bold accomplishment as they seem to really honed in on letting out the best of themselves song after song. For example, “Nosferatu” is a well played tune with a cryptic tale. This is followed by “When I’m Gone” which is a beautiful story of death being just a passing to another realm. It serves as a more Black Metal ballad that has definite catchy undertones, and would serve well in a live setting. A chosen favorite, it is only enhanced by “Beyond The Grave.” With this not so original song title, Dark Funeral still pulls off their signature sound and reveal more harshness than ever before.

Moving forward, “A Beast To Praise” is a worthy tune of pillage, and suffering only to be followed up with “Leviathan” which is more leveled up evil to enjoy. Then a sharp flow of nails, daggers, crosses, and knives flail into your ears with the title-track “We Are The Apocalypse” Overall, it is a grand conclusion to the upmost sinister release to date from these Black Metal veterans.

Scandinavia is full of Black Metal bands that excel at their craft, but what makes Dark Funeral special is they have their own flavorful unique take to it. They step outside the straight classic sound which can either be loved or loathed, but always keep the basic structures in tact as well. It’s a thin tight rope to walk across, and they flourish time and time again. 

They are set to have an album release show March 19th at Fållan in Stockholm, Sweden, supported by special guest Samael and support act Eleine. It is highly recommended to check this event out if your in the area, but if not, you can also stream it. While there are no set US tour dates right now, they probably will happen soon enough. Until then, We Are The Apocalypse can satisfy an immediate need for an unequivocally evil good time and that is why Cryptic Rock give it 5 out of 5. 


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