Davey Suicide – Worldwide Suicide (Album Review)

12x12 edited 1 - Davey Suicide - Worldwide Suicide (Album Review)

Davey Suicide – Worldwide Suicide (Album Review)

davey - Davey Suicide - Worldwide Suicide (Album Review)

Hollywood based industrial rockers Davey Suicide have been pulling away over the past few years as they climb the rankings in the Alternative Metal world.  Touring with everyone from Orgy to Combichrist their eye-catching attire filled with dark glam tones is lead by vocalist Davey Suicide, bassist Brent Ashley, keyboardist Needlz, drummer Drayven Davidson, and guitarist Mikey 13 .  Releasing their self-titled debut album a mere year ago the band wastes no time pumping out their sophomore effort Worldwide Suicide in late 2014.  Self-produced by Suicide and Needlz  themselves, the album is mixed and mastered by Allan Hessler who has worked with the likes of My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, Asking Alexandria, and The Used.

Starting where their debut left off Worldwide Suicide goes right for the throat with an introductory speech “Your Honor the Asshole” which is a court room parody.  Following into the opening song and album-title track a Punk attitude is stimulated in abundance with aggressiveness and thrash.  Offering diversity “Until We’re Dead” is a more melodic track which is very Avenged Sevenfold in style, while “The Hole is Where the Heart is” is more on par with Marilyn Manson, menacing and dark. “The Devil Inside” is ominous, angry and screams its hatred through Suicide’s lyrics and the emotion of the music.  In contrast, “Only Human” is a far more forlorn and wretched song which really grabs the listeners attention.  Mixing chaos with melodic edge “Underdosed” is frenetic and resembles a drug-induced frenzy, which fits its subject well.  Touching on the duplicity of life “Nothing is Sacred” strikes a chord inside all with the way we get let down by those we trust with bitterness framed by the spoken word segments.  Continuing with well-crafted lyrical themes “Imperfect” is a song about loving the real person not a façade, scars and all.  The lullaby time feel takes home a message that is more than skin deep.  On the other side of the coin “Dirty Rotten Filthy Rich” is about a more superficial woman, clearly more about lust rather than love, it is seedy and dirty in style and oozes immorality. With a thick club like bass line the defiant “Kamikaze Culture Shock” closes out Worldwide Suicide with a punchy and revolutionary tone no one can resist.

Davey Suicide is raw, edgy, and they  do not shy away from issues that affect people, reaching out to those who need an alternative to the fake, celebrity culture which surrounds the inhabitants of Hollywood. Fans of the band will be pleased with what they hear and new ears may draw comparisons to Marilyn Manson or Avenged Sevenfold.  Sometimes where the image is so strong listeners lose out on the talent, they cannot live up to the hype, but Davey Suicide actually impresses. Their music is industrial, very much in the gutter, sleazy and unclean, but it is also very much now, contemporary and current.  Davey Suicide is unique within themselves and defy the odds creating a well-rounded effecting album a year after their debut with Worldwide Suicide.  CrypticRock give this album 4 out of 5 stars

12x12 - Davey Suicide - Worldwide Suicide (Album Review)
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Davey suicide cryptic 7 edited 1 - Davey Suicide - Worldwide Suicide (Album Review)

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