Death of Me (Movie Review)

In the time of quarantines and lockdowns, there are a few new movies out that require your full attention. Especially so in the Horror and Thriller genres, one of those movies worth mentioning is the Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II 2005, Saw III 2006) direct Death of Me

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Set for release in select theaters and On Demand as of Friday, October 2, 2020 via Saban Films, featuring a screenplay from Ari Margolis, James Morley III, and David Tish, Death of Me has all the elements of a strong thriller. Adding to it all, it stars a strong cast which includes Maggie Q (Divergent 2014, Young Justice series), Luke Hemsworth (Westworld series, Thor: Ragnarok 2017), Alex Essoe (Starry Eyes 2014, Doctor Sleep 2019), Kelly B. Jones (Troy the Odyssey 2017, King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table 2017), plus Kat Ingkarat (Locked Up 2017, Attrition 2018). 

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The story beings while a couple – Christine (Maggie Q) and Neil (Luke Hemsworth) – are vacationing on an island off the west coast of Thailand. A fun time for the couple, like most vacations, it ends with a hangover. That said, one morning, the couple wake up with a massive hangover and no memory of what happened the night before. They begin to try to piece together the events that took place the night prior, seeking to locate their passports, but instead, only find the most disturbing, unimaginable happened. After locating his camera, Neil uncovers a video of him supposedly killing Christine! On top of that, a typhoon is threatening the island, and the couple only have 24 hours to catch the next ferry out of there. Realizing they have nowhere to go, the couple is sucked into a mix of mystery, black magic, and murder. Will they survive? 

From snakes being pulled out of Christine’s mouth, to hallucinations of dead people with their eyes and mouth sewn shut, plus ritual sacrifices, Death of Me has all the signs of the occult… or does it it? Interestingly enough, it seems that whenever a mysterious necklace is removed from Christine’s neck she becomes ill… so what does that mean? Then you have Alex Essoe’s character, Madee (Kat Ingkarat), Kanda (Kelly B. Jones), and even a doctor tell Christine that this necklace will keep her safe and that it has powerful healing properties. What is that all about? Additionally, it seems everyone on this island is doing everything they can to keep Christine from leaving. Which leads you to question, what secrets does this island truly hold? 

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A very compelling story, like any Horror film, the score can make or break it, and the tribal soundtrack of Death of Me gets an A+. This on top of some very solid acting from the entire cast, astonishing cinematography, and an intense plot, this film will need your complete undivided attention. A must see for thrill seeking, horror fanatics out there, Cryptic Rock gives Death of Me 5 out of 5 stars.

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