Death Wish Coffee – Coffee Notes (Coffee Review)

Death Wish Coffee – Coffee Notes (Coffee Review)

Got a death wish? Well, some do… for Death Wish Coffee that is. Introduced back in 2012, the Death Wish Coffee Co. is known to make some of the strongest coffee available. American made, the company started small in Saratoga Springs, New York, but is now a nationally recognized coffee brand sold through various online and large chain grocery retailers. What is also unique about Death Wish is that it seems to just feel like Rock-n-Roll… and this is appealing to a more edgy coffee drinker. 

For example, in early January 2022 they launched a cool new mini-docu series called Coffee Notes. This series is hosted on the Death Wish Coffee website and offers an exclusive unplugged and unscripted performance featuring Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger from Hard Rock leaders Halestorm. In this 30-minute video, directed by Robb Fenn, you get up close and personal with the bandmates and also get to check out a great performance of some of their fan-favorites. Available to view on Death Wish Coffee site if you sign up, let us hope the company teams up with other artists in the future for other unique performances. Speaking of which, they even gave away a Gibson Epiphone J-200 CE guitar signed by both Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger to one lucky winner who tuned into the Coffee Notes video… we can only hope there is more of this! 

All this in mind, Death Wish Coffee is still something worth checking out if you are a coffee lover, but also a Rock fan. Do you love the smell of fresh roasted coffee? Do you wish you could have that fragrance brewed and in your cup all the time? Well, Death Wish Coffee manages to bring that to you.  What you smell is what you get; pure fresh roasted beans.  Without acidity and jitteriness, you can be sure to get just the boost of energy you want to get you going and keep you going. Hot or iced, however you prefer, it is definitely worth picking up a batch to experience it for yourself. For these reasons, Cryptic Rock particularly gives the medium and bold dark roast, and the Coffee Notes Halestorm showcase, 5 out of 5 stars. 

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