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Deicide – Banished By Sin (Album Review)

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As difficult as it might be to believe that 1989 was 35 years ago, it was also a great time for east coast Death Metal. At the time, bands such as Death, Cannibal Corpse, and Morbid Angel were thriving, and then there was Florida’s Death Metal masters Deicide who were just getting started. Originally formed in 1987, the band started to gain popularity with 1992’s Legion, quickly becoming a constant on the Death Metal scene, on their way to becoming an influential Heavy Metal band for years to come.

Jumping forward to present day, Deicide is diving back deep into their core and pulling out the best traits to showcase on their new album Banished by Sin. Their 13th studio release, and out on April 26, 2024 through Reigning Phoenix Music, the 12 tracks that make up the album are definitely full of their usual anti-Christian themes matched with wild racing guitar solos. Led by founding members Vocalist/Bassist Glen Benton and Drummer Steve Asheim, Decide pushed themselves to create their older sounds, but all while projected them in modern ways to their audience. Rounding out the most current lineup of the band are the guitars of Kevin Quirion and Taylor Nordberg, both who have the prowess to keep up with the fast and furious riffs Deicide are known for. 

These factors presented, “From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall” kicks off the album, gets the energy flowing, while Benton’s vocals are as gutturally raunchy as ever. Quite a start, what is great about Banished by Sin overall is that there seems to be an equal collaboration in the writing between the four members. In fact, they reportedly each had a chance to contribute three songs to the record. This considered, in terms of Banished by Sin being a unified whole conceptual album, there are also no complaints. 

“Sever The Tongue” is a lovely song of a very violent nature and it definitely brings an old school Death Metal sound, but with a cleaner overall tone. It is still gritty and gore-filled, but it just takes on a slightly crisper guitar solo path that instantly breathes modern relevance. This is while “Faithless” may be one of the most structurally brilliant sounding songs on the album. It is fierce, fun, and edgy, with a unique fluctuation of the guitar tonality, and will make a superb live addition to their setlist. 

Then there is the aggressive, catchy “Bury The Cross…With Your Christ.” This is before “Woke From God,” along with “Ritual Defiled,” which are both fueled with the riff heavy rage of a serial killer who just got caught red handed and is being hauled off to jail. Moving further on, it is always interesting to find where bands decide to place an album’s title-track in the listing order. Here Deicide opts to place theirs down at song number 9 and it seems to go along just fine in the sequence of absolute musical carnage. This considered, the pace of the album seemingly gets progressively faster, heavier, and serves up more of a rage as it burns on. 

Breaking it down, all tracks average around 3 minutes long here, but “I Am I…A Curse Of Death” has a length of exactly 3 minutes long. To the point, it has a crescendoing story of madness and the rising dead. It is an explanation point in the final moments of the album, and speaks volumes to the cover art which depicts a demons’ exorcism of its own demons. Thus, the final track “The Light Defeated,” is born with its horns included, providing a stellar and satisfying end to the whole chaotic ride of terror that is Banished by Sin

Overall, Banished by Sin is a wild showdown and it is recommended you check it out plus see Deicide live as soon as possible. Devilish musical candy Deicide’s fans will certainly enjoy, Cryptic Rock gives Banished by Sin 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Deicide Banished By Sin album
Deicide Banished By Sin / Reigning Phoenix Music (2024) 

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