Developing Artist Showcase – August Eve

Developing Artist Showcase – August Eve

Art is much like a flower: the more you nourish it, the grander the blossom. That is why it is so important to feed the creative impulses of others, because the possibilities of something extraordinary are endless. Given an environment to grow, a girl out of Southern California by the name of August Eve discovered her affection for music at a very young age, and like a flower has bloomed into something vastly out of the ordinary.

Self-teaching herself to play piano by ear, August Eve would soon take on both bass and guitar, as well as sing as a part of her Catholic school choir led by Grammy-nominated Conductor Paul Salamunovich, while on her way to further musical exploration by the time she hit high school. Already quite advanced musically by her teenage years, different than her peers, she would find comfort in an orchard of different styles, ranging from World music to ancient and Classical choral arrangements. This combined with inclinations of an old soul, August Eve was building the foundation for something uniquely her own.

Now at 21 years of age and certainly wise beyond her years, she is set to take the next step in her evolution with her debut EP, slated for release later in 2019. This story told, how would one describe August Eve’s music? Imagine a vocalist with an approach similar in passion to the likes of Kate Bush, musically accessible enough to attract a younger audience yet eclectic enough to perk the more refined listener’s ear.

Showing glimpses of such excellence, for evidence, all you need to do is look back to 2016’s “Franklin” and “Ghost,” a track which includes a must-watch breathtaking music video, both written and directed by a then 18-year-old August Eve. Additionally, transpiring around the same time, she also self-produced and released chilling covers of classic songs including “Moon River,” made famous by Audrey Hepburn, and “Blue on Blue,” first crooned by Bobby Vinton. Are you starting to see a trend with August Eve yet? If not, you should, because just observing her selection of tunes to cover it is clear there is something special going on.

Which leads us to 2019, a new day for August Eve with the recent release of her double-single “You Already Know” and “Know Better.” Both highly mature offerings for a 21-year -old, “Know Better” has the calm of a Bonnie Raitt ballad along with the airy ambiance of something Tears for Fears may have recorded back in their The Seeds of Love era. This is while “You Already Know” has tints of Alternative Pop mixed with a delightfully elegant, vintage Synthpop melody that is near impossible to deny.

Match these attributes with rich, deep vocals that do not fade into the backdrop, along with August Eve’s skillful self-production with an ear for detail, you have a recipe for something wonderful. In enough words, August Eve is an up-and-coming artist who certainly deserves the attention of anyone who fancies themselves listeners of Pop-infused music that has much more beneath the surface.

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Photo credit: Fabian Fabian Guerrero

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