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Take everything you thought you knew about Boston, Massachusetts’ Bleacher Days, shred it, and toss it aside. In 2017 the fiery Pop Punk band went on a hiatus, leaving us with their well-received EP I Only Saw True Purpose. Now, from the ashes of what might have been, Wren Mohammed, the sole remaining member of the band, has risen with a brand-new Emo-infused, Hip Hop sound. Pulling from influences across the spectrum to release something that’s unique, yet familiar in a strangely comforting way, Mohammed is set to make waves.

In a time when we have nothing but time to reflect, Mohammed has opted to revisit the Bleacher Days vault for creations that were once deemed ‘not Pop Punk enough,’ now aiming to breathe new life into these old gems. Instead of letting this material continue to gather dust beyond the three years since it was first written, the newly released track “Icarus” represents one of these offerings that has finally received its chance to see the light of day. According to Mohammed, “I refused to give up, though. I kept working with our producer (Chris Piquette) and showed him the stuff that wasn’t ‘Pop Punk enough’ and he loved it. I just kept recording songs, not knowing what would come next. Now we’re here.

That determination and creative drive has manifested itself in “Icarus,” an enigmatic blend of emotionally-driven lyrics and a hypnotic Hip Hop beat. Despite the obvious evolution in Mohammed’s sound, the track still manages to have a delicacy, giving it that Emo Punk feel that fans of Bleacher Days’ older sound can appreciate. It hooks you from the very beginning, dragging you along while embedding itself into you with its catchy synths and Indie-infused riffs. It is the kind of track that gets stuck in your head for hours after you are done listening, forcing you to come back.

And if this is any indication of what is to come, then the next album will be one to not be slept on. Bleacher Days is absolutely one to keep on your radar.

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