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It is very easy to become overwhelmed with the inordinate amount of music available via the internet in the modern world. For better or worse, in an era of streaming all media, the instant gratification of taking what is right in front of us is a simple, easy way of picking what we listen to. However, sometimes we stumble along something out there across the infinite universe of the web that not only strikes our interest, but keeps it. One such independent artist who has an ability to do so is Blythe Bonnie.

More than likely not a name many know, Blythe Bonnie is an independent solo musical project coming out of the state of Georgia. Something of a mystery in regards to details about the origins of Blythe Bonnie, the music she creates is also something that can be viewed as enigmatic. Different from what many other independent artists are doing these days, the sound is modern, moody, atmospheric, and lush with ambience. Something that may appeal to fans of Shoegaze artists like Slowdive, you can also hear some elements of Dream Pop amidst her music, akin to Mazzy Star.

That in mind, Blythe Bonnie has trickled out music over the last couple of years through Bandcamp, Apple Music, and Spotify. With still a relatively small discography, in 2022 she released two EPs under the titles Daily Headache and Sunday Child. First releasing Daily Headache in February of 2022, the debut was a bit more low-fi, but there appeared to be significant growth with the follow up of Sunday Child in October of 2022. 

Taking you through a slow-motion daydream where all worries are left at bay, standout tracks put out thus far include “Volume II,” the more acoustic leaning “Tunnels,” and the enchanting “Shine.” Each showing that Blythe Bonnie not only has a knack for creating a mood, but also one for songwriting. Too often in today’s world newer artists forget the basics of song structure, but Blythe Bonnie does not. Far from mainstream or traditional Pop, her style lends itself to accessibility that a broader audience can find intrigue.

Continuing along, Blythe Bonnie most put out the single “Crazy in Front of You” back in June of 2023, once more, showing there is a promising path forward for her music. As mentioned, relatively unknown at this juncture, her ability to meld acoustic guitar with electronic elements, matched with a haunting singing voice, make her an artist to look out for should she continue to let her artistic inclinations move her forward. 

Blythe Bonnie Crazy In Front Of You
Blythe Bonnie – Crazy In Front of You / Everlast Records (2023)

For more on Blythe Bonnie: Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube 

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