Developing Artist Showcase – Inflection Point

Developing Artist Showcase – Inflection Point

Over time, new roads must be explored in order to expand one’s horizons. Doing just that, a group of experienced, veteran musicians join forces in the new musical project called Inflection Point. A passionate new Hard Rock act, Inflection Point consisting of Casey Honig on vocals/guitar, Voley Martin on guitar, Jesse Downing on bass, and Chad Szeliga on drums. Coming from different walks of life, the common thread that unites them is music.

Not at all new to the Rock-n-Roll game, each member of Inflection Point has travelled their own path to their present situation. Honig, a native to New Jersey, has been building a name for himself through the years. Releasing his solo album Tragic Uprise independently back in 2016, Honig recently just finished touring as an opener for Breaking Benjamin’s 2017 acoustic tour. Speaking of which, Szeliga sat behind the kit for Breaking Benjamin between 2005 and 2013, spent time in Black Label Society, and is currently a member of Black Star Riders. Then there is Martin and Downing, both longstanding members of Long Island, New York’s popular band BulletProof Messenger.

Together the 4 musicians join their talents together in Inflection Point, a new endeavor, sprinkling bits and pieces of their past into the mix. All having melodic modern Rock backgrounds, each member brings something unique to the equation. Honig brings a powerful voice, both diverse and distinctive. This is while the chops of Martin, Downing, and Szeliga bring a tight sounding combination of guitar and percussion.

This background provided, what do Inflection Point sound like? Judging by their most recently released single “Let Me In,” they could best be described as a classic Alternative Metal act from the early 2000s. For those versed on the genre, of course there is the popular Sevendust, which is a worthy comparison, but also think Ultraspank and the band that formed out of it, Lo-Pro. Even still, Inflection Point is not a pardon of the past. They simply take the best elements of what Hard Rock and Alternative Metal was during its heyday and bring it into modern day.

As an example, “Let Me In,” which was released to the public back in March, is a fitting introduction to the band. Here Honig offers soaring vocals with strong backing vocals along with some really atmospheric guitar tone thanks to Martin. Spacey and clean, it has the appeal that could land the cut on SiriusXM’s Octane instance if given the opportunity. Which leads to curiosity, what is Inflection Point’s next move? Tactfully, they are planning to release a new single every couple of months as they finish up their debut album. This will allow them to release the music as it is completed and give listeners a taste of what they are brewing as they are brewing it. Afterall, we are living in a world that moves at what seems like the speed of light.

Still a work in progress, those interested can get updates on Inflection Point in real time on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where they regularly post studio updates and more. One thing is for sure, if all works out, Inflection Point could find themselves supporting some of modern Hard Rock’s bigger acts in the coming months, perhaps signed to a record deal, plus more. Do not miss out on this band, get in on the ground floor and check them out now!

For more on Inflection Point: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  

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