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In the rich history of Rock-n-Roll, the state of California has bred some of the most renowned and awe-inspiring bands to ever grace the stage. Supreme talent from The Doors, Guns N’ Roses, Green Day, and Korn made these bands stars in the Golden State. Even in 2018, the California dreaming continues to flourish as great new bands are popping up all over the place. All this in mind, let’s meet Orange County, California’s Joyous Wolf  – one daring act seeking to emerge as the new face of Rock music.

Making an introduction, Joyous Wolf was formed by a group of four friends back in 2014. As if fate was at hand, two members met in elementary school and would separately go on to befriend two fellow musicians. These young, immensely talented performers immediately found magic together. Honing a sound that bares influence from the heaviest days of Led Zeppelin, Joyous Wolf bleed the very embodiment of allusive, Blues-based, psychedelic Rock-n-Roll. No fancy gimmicks, the members of Joyous Wolf are simply a long-haired, t-shirt-and-jeans-wearing band who just love to get up on stage and rattle a crowd.

The telling nature of Joyous Wolf’s sound is built upon the skill sets of all four guys. On guitar, the vigorous tones of Blake Allard shake up anything that gets in his way. Next, we have the heavy rhythm section of Bassist Greg Braccio and Drummer Robert Sodaro. The clean, bouncy swing provides the perfect foundation to the pulse of Joyous Wolf’s live sound. Last, but not least, there’s the telling presence of Vocalist Nick Reese. A passionate performer, Reese exemplifies everything there is to love about a great Rock frontman. In concert, Reese does not sit still for one moment. Throughout the band’s set, Reese can be found doing back flips and dancing all over whatever venue is lucky enough to experience his performance on any given night. Vocally, Reese tears into each and every note as if his life depends on it.

Over the last few years, Joyous Wolf have gone from unknowns to touring alongside some serious artists like Fozzy, Slash, and Stone Sour. Even better, all the hard work and traveling in a van paid off in March 2018 when Joyous Wolf signed a major label deal with Roadrunner Records. A bright future on the horizon, Joyous Wolf are now working on their first full-length album to be released in 2019. While we wait in excitement, the singles “Slow Hand” and a cover of Mountain’s classic “Mississippi Queen” have already been released for our Rock pleasure.

In essence, Joyous Wolf are one of those bands who come along every so often to make Rock fans believe in great music again. As they climb higher, Joyous Wolf is ready to wow the universe with an honest and candid gut-check of Rock-n-Roll that will implore fans to love this Southern California band.

Joyous Wolf bassist Greg Braccio at Gramercy Theatre, NYC. 4-5-2018. Photo credit: Andrew Fiero Photography.

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