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Niina Soleil

The creative process can be an agonizing one. Looking for perfection in each written word, brush stroke, or music note, mostly in an attempt to satisfy our own anxiety of an artistic vision, no one said it would ever be easy. Something to consider when a cynic comes along to ridicule another’s creation, in truth, all beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, some elegance is relatively accessible enough that universal interest may mount with proper exposure.  A blessing to behold, you could say that Niina Soleil falls into the latter category of an artist on the rise with a collection of ear-catching songs that are bound to grab your attention.

Out of the Southern California region, Soleil is a young and up and coming singer-songwriter who clearly has an appreciation of the past, but still very much living in the present. Sticking to her own way of writing music, while her songs may fit quite nicely into the modern Pop realm, it is not to say they follow the current trends. Singing clearly, yet in a delicate manner, Soleil marries Folk, Pop, Rock, and Jazz elements in all that she does. Feeling as if she grew up with a keen sense of just how important a mood and rhythm is to the music as anything, you could say Soleil is a bit of an old soul.

A high compliment to an artist who dances in the modern Pop genre, Soleil shows that you can still respect tradition, while successfully transforming it into something fresh. Doing this on singles such as 2022’s “Lonely In Love” and “Make It Summer,” her early offerings surmounted a bundle of digital streams… making her debut album one of extreme curiosity. Released on May 15, 2024 through Gourmet Music, Soleil’s Heliophilia offers 9 original songs that couple melody, hooky choruses, as well as thoughtful song composition all into one pleasant listening experience.

With a bit of a different vibe amidst each song, some are mellow, while others more upbeat, but all of which excel in a haunting arena of reverberating sound. Layered and rich, Soleil uses production from Fred Ball (Rihanna, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey) to her advantage, but all while not sacrificing the human element which is so vital to the entire process. Placed with her voice relatively upfront, the instruments entwined in the backdrop provoking visions of lost summertime daydreams. Something that could be attributed to her surroundings, which is complete with rolling hills and sunlit skies, her easy listening approach shines brightly in various areas including “See Red,” “Happy Pills,” but never more so than with the captivating “Whiskey Valentine.”

All quite lovely,  Heliophilia showcases different sides of an aspiring artist who should quickly start to pick up traction with more mainstream audiences. So, if you are someone who enjoys Pop music that is lush with a romantic affection, yet intelligent and colorful, Niina Soleil may have the pocketful of sunshine you’re looking for.  

Niina Soleil Heliophila
Niina Soleil – Heliophila / Gourment Music (2024) 

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