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The variety of Post-Hardcore music is what makes it such an expressive sub-genre. Ranging from heavier and aggressive to chaotic and dreamy, there is not one specific formula when working with the genre. New post-hardcore outfit Varsity makes their debut EP Lights sound their own.  The EP is full of melodious hooks, jumping and thrilling riffs, and incredibly sharp vocals. Not too shabby for their first go at it.

Forming in July of 2014, Joey Varela (vocalist) and Danny Ravehall (guitarist) knew that Varsity are rock stars in the making after gaining Danny Laguer (rhythm guitar), Viktor Pacheco (drums), and Evan Rhind (bassunclean vocalist). They regined Orlando, Florida when they began the band, but found a new home as they grew as musicians. Once they recently relocated to New York City, the band signed with record label We Are Triumphant and released their debut EP Lights.

varsity lights album
We Are Triumphant

This EP goes far beyond expectations. It is hard to believe that it is only their debut in the music scene. The fast paced rhythms and smoothness of Varela’s strong range keeps listeners on their toes while unique instrumentation, like the electronic elements in “Alien,” captivate a broad audience. They even use distinctive and chaotic guitar riffs in the title track, giving it a touch of sensational energy. The EP’s lyrics even harbor many different emotional states, like the hope provided in “Happy” or the anger in “Monster.”  Long story short, Varsity’s Lights does not sound like a debut EP, but more like an experienced group that has plenty more to offer.

As they tour and continue to write more in 2015, it is exciting to see what is in store for this band’s potential. Thier mainstream twist on classic post-hardcore makes the popular style completely unique as their own. It will be exciting to see how listeners and audiences react to their powerful sound. Keep an eye out for Varsity; they are certainly onto something great.

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