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Remember the days of Soft Rock with smooth instrumentation, irresistible grooves, harmonized vocals, and pristine production? Chances are if you do you hark back to the days of the late 1970s and early 1980s when artists such as Hall & Oates, Kenny Loggins, Ambrosia, Player, plus so many more were scoring big success, dominating radio air waves with their silky mix of Soul, Jazz, R&B, Pop and Rock. Those who appreciate this style of music more than likely have resigned themselves to think it is a dead art form. Well, do not look now, but there is a young modern act by the name of Young Gun Silver Fox which are revitalizing the genre of music for a new generation. 

A duo, Young Gun Silver Fox consists of English Singer-Songwriter Andy Platts and Californian Multi-Instrumentalist Shawn Lee. Sharing a love for smooth Soft Rock of yesteryear, Platts, known as Young Gun, and Lee, named Silver Fox after his long, lush silver mane, have been combining their talents for a few years now. First releasing their debut album, West End Coast, back in 2015, those who jumped aboard the Young Gun Silver Fox train early call the effort a loving homage to the smoothest sounds of the ’70s. An accurate assessment, the album showed there is still a place for such sounds in the modern era. Even more so with the launching of Yacht Rock Radio on SiriusXM a few years ago.

Wondering what in the world Yacht Rock is? For those in the dark, it is a term that was coined in the 2000s to describe the smooth-sailing Soft Rock from the late ’70s and early ’80s. A kind of amusing term when you think about it, regardless, it has picked up some steam, striking the interest of music lovers from yesterday and today. All that said, there are the classics, but what about new artists re-creating the sounds in their own light? That is where Young Gun Silver Fox comes into play. They unite wonderful songwriting and impeccable instrumentation for something retro, yet new at the same time. 

Taking the next step in their progress, back on May 25, 2018, they released their sophomore album, AM Waves, in the USA. Recorded at The Shop in London and Roffey Hall in the English countryside, AM Waves takes what they touched on with West End Coast and brings it to a new, exciting level. Platts states, “AM Waves is much more instinctive. It’s more vivid. You can see the clarity to the colors of AM Waves whereas West End Coast is slightly more impressionist, as it were.

Now, for those who have yet to even discover Young Gun Silver Fox yet, you are probably wondering what they have to offer? Well, as outlined, their sound is most certainly a homage to the past. A practice often used by modern day artists, sometimes it can feel contrived and ring hollow compared to the original artists. Fortunately for Young Gun Silver Fox, that is not the case at all. Their music sounds sincere, real, and the compositions are of the highest quality. Songs like “Midnight In Richmond” have a sensational melody, as “Love Guarantee” has magnificent instrumentation layered delicately behind powerful flowing vocals. Then others like “Take It Or Leave It” could easily fit comfortably on a Michael McDonald album and still stand out boldly. 

The bottom line, Young Gun Silver Fox most certainly are for a niche audience, because their sound is not following any trend, and that is a good thing. While others in today’s Pop music world have found inspiration and influence from the New Wave Synthpop sound of the ’80s, Young Gun Silver Fox resist the tide, sticking with what moves them. Those interested in checking them out, AM Waves is available for sale on major outlets including and if you have Amazon Music Unlimited, you can stream it! Additionally, for those in the European market, the duo will be out performing live in November. Isn’t it time to breakaway from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind and try something new in the form of musical exploration? Yes, it is, so kick back with the seductive sounds of Young Gun Silver Fox today.

Tour Dates:
NOV 13 De Oosterpoort Groningen, Netherlands
NOV 14 Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
NOV 16 Poppodium Grenswerk Venlo, Limburg, Netherlands
NOV 17 TivoliVredenburg Utrecht, Netherlands
NOV 18 Metropool Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands
NOV 19 Het Depot Leuven, Flemish Region, Belgium
NOV 25 Sebright Arms London, England, United Kingdom

For more on Young Gun Silver Fox: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 
Purchase AM Waves:
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  • I’ve only just discovered young gun silver fox and I’m totally hooked, absolutely brilliant, I’m a huge Michael McDonald, doobies, Christopher cross, America, etc fan so there music is right up my street as is mamas gun another band I’ve just found, keep it coming please

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