Diamante – Coming In Hot (Album Review)

Every now and then, a recording artist emerges who makes people stop and say, “Oh my God, this changes everything!” For 21 year-old Diamante, her young career in the music business has already seen this gutsy, talented, sassy, and runway model hot Rock singer develop the pedigree of an artist with decades of tenure. The total package, Diamante is poised to become the next most valuable woman in Rock, and the takeover begins with the much-anticipated release of her glowing debut album, Coming In Hot, set to drop on June 15, 2018, on Better Noise/Eleven Seven Music.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, of Mexican-Italian descent, her Spanish birthname, Diamante, translates to “Diamond” in English. Diamante’s middle name, Azzura, is Italian for the color Diamante feels best represents her bold and graceful individuality – blue. From the age of seven, Diamante grew up inspired by writers J.K. Rowling and Stephen King, whose works incited a passion within this girl’s heart for creating poetry, short stories, and starring in school musical theater.

Needless to say, her love for writing is the reason Diamante’s favorite part of creating music is the lyrics. Following her family’s uprooting to Los Angeles, California, when she was thirteen, Diamante began to evolve as both a fan and a performer. A fan of Pop artists Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne, Diamante first got hooked on Rock music via a summer program at the School of Rock. Performing Rock on stage for the first time, this new outlet emphatically gave Diamante the tools she needed to tear down her inner walls, allowing the singer to find herself, and usher in the rebirth of Diamante. A new mindset, Diamante was absorbing fresh inspiration and wanted to be as kick-ass as Rock Queens Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, and Pat Benatar.

A ball of fire, Diamante was working hard performing on the stages of the infamous Sunset Strip, crafting a musical style she calls a “Classic Rock sound with a Modern Alternative edge.” Creating a buzz, Diamante received numerous accolades following a series of hit singles, including the chart-topping “Bite Your Kiss” which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot Singles Chart in 2014. Catching the eye of critics, upon the release of her first EP, Dirty Blonde, Diamante was chosen as one of Revolver Magazine‘s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock. The honor included a gig for Diamante on Revolver Magazine‘s subsequent tour.

This exposure garnered attention from Better Noise/Eleven Seven Music who saw Diamante’s limitless potential and quickly signed her to a deal. Ready to record her debut album, Diamante hit the studio with esteemed Producer Howard Benson (Chris Cornell, Halestorm), whom she credited for encouraging her to bravely pour her open heart into Coming In Hot. She explains: “Howard really pushed me to be vulnerable and talk about things I was afraid to talk about. I finally got the courage to be honest with my lyrics and myself. I want to be someone girls and guys growing up can relate to.” 

A new energy, Coming In Hot delivers the high-powered excitement Diamante feels her fans deserve. Modern riffs with a classic attitude, Diamante’s debut embodies conviction and a big-time feel through elements of Classic Hard Rock and Electronica shot into the night by Diamante’s raspy, intense vocals. Making her presence felt, Diamante kicks down the door with “Coming In Hot,” a song about chillin’ and getting fired up for a good time. On “Sound Of Us,” Diamante reveals who she is and how her arrival came to be (“Made out of sweat and blood”).

Next, “Had Enough” is simply fed up, while the lionhearted anthem “F.L.A.G.” is an acronym for “Fight Like A Girl.” In the most compelling track, “Sorry” sees Diamante give a striking Lita Ford (“Close My Eyes Forever”) performance but with a modern twist inviting comparisons to Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless (“House On A Hill”).

Pushing the envelope, “Haunted” is about crawling into someone’s head and never letting them forget you before “Sleepwalking” offers the vibe of Evanescence. Anthems for her rising star, Diamante shows her tough shell on the catchy “Bulletproof,” and explains her way of loving is something out of this world on a piece of radio-friendly Rock candy called “Kind Of Love.” Beautifully done, “Black Heart” mines over the pain of a broken heart (“I go on pretending the knife isn’t still twisting”).

Thereafter, Diamante does Ann Wilson justice reinventing Heart’s “Crazy On You,” breathing new life into an already amazing track. Self-confident, “Definitely Not In Love” is a brash and honest love letter to some guy with whom Diamante is clearly not in love (“When I look at your face, I am definitely not in love”). Letting it all out, “War Cry” will get a live crowd to uncontrollably jump up and down as the album closes with the all-Spanish language version of the aforementioned “Sorry,” or “Lo Siento.”

A fiery debut, Diamante fearlessly exposes an uninhibited and passionate medley of arresting Rock anthems on Coming In Hot. As soon as you hear the music you simply cannot stop moving, and that will leave Rock fans flying high. Diamante’s soaring vocals combined with the slamming music layered over them undeniably capture everything in her soul. In conclusion, Rock fans are always craving that one new artist or band who embodies everything Rock-n-Roll has stood for since its inception, and Diamante is the x-factor. Rock fans, your savior has arrived! CrypticRock gives Coming In Hot 5 out of 5 stars.

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