Disturbed – Divisive (Album Review)

Disturbed – Divisive (Album Review)

Ranking in the upper echelon of modern American Metal bands, Disturbed is one that stands tall. Coming together all the way back in 1994, originally under the name Brawl, many think when Disturbed hit the mainstream in 2000 with their mega debut album The Sickness the success was instant. Far from reality, in truth, the core of Disturbed had been working extremely hard in the underground for many years prior crafting their sound and style. 

Why does this matter? Because it made Disturbed mentality tough, thus resulting in a continued two decade plus long run of powerful, unapologetic lyrics that challenges you to think beyond what you see and hear. 

Last releasing Evolution in 2018, an album that featured the strikingly honest “No More,” Disturbed now return in 2022 with their eighth overall studio album Divisive. Released on November 18th through Reprise, anticipation started to build for the album when the band put out the single “Hey You” back in July. Featuring arrangements that march forward, with rhythms that are catchy, the single most of all hits you with a dose of reality lyrically about the division amidst us all. A powerful message… it is only a first taste of what is yet to come.

From here there is thought-provoking “Bad Man,” the title-cut which continues to add drama to the storyline, before the intense, empowering “Unstoppable.” Then on a more melancholic side, “Love to Hate” comes at you with an addictive chorus line and more reflectionary lyrics about the human condition to seek out a reason to hate others and build barriers.  

More driving musically, the combination of crunching guitars and Drainman’s echoing vocals on “Feeding the Fire” has a haunting feeling that goes deep under your skin. Then, as a big surprise, on “Don’t Tell Me” Drainman and company team up with legendary Heart Vocalist Ann Wilson. Quite an interesting collaboration that you would probably never imagine in your wildest dreams, it works exceptionally well. In this song Drainman and Wilson go back and forth with an emotional storyline that almost feels like a more modern take on Ozzy Osborne and Lita Ford’s “Close My Eyes Forever.”

At this point Divisive has already proven itself, but yet dives back into more heaviness with the upbeat, crunchy “Take Back Your Life”;  a song which encourages you to take back your life from the control of outside forces who want to keep you down with hate and fear. Then winding down the album is the Nu-Metal vibed “Part of Me” and extremely energizing “Won’t Back Down” giving you one last shot in the head to wake up!  

It is clear Disturbed is as inspired as ever to rattle the cage of conformity. That in mind, Divisive is a brilliant album filled with passion, strength and depth. The songs tell stories that not only get you to start thinking, but hopefully, give you the strength to start breaking the chains of mind-control. Still fighting and offering some of their most distinctive rhythms, Cryptic Rock gives Divisive 5 out of 5 stars.

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Nina Mende
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  • Shirley Maxine Ryan
    Posted at 03:51h, 25 November Reply

    I am a 87 year old woman who has listened to and enjoyed Jazz and classical music my entire life. I recently stumbled upon the Sound of Silence by Disturbed and cannot stop listening to it. It is in a category all by itself. David Draiman’s voice is so emotionally charged that it’s addictive! Hooked at87

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