Don’t Look Back (Movie Review)

In 2000, the talented young Writer Jeffrey Reddick brought you Final Destination. Having since penned other modern Horror films including 2016’s Dead Awake and 2018’s The Final Wish, he now offers fans Don’t Look Back on Friday, October 16, 2020 out in select theaters and On Demand via Gravitas Ventures.

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Reddick’s feature directorial debut, Don’t Look Back is a Horror Thriller about Caitlin Kramer (Kourtney Bell: It Follows 2014, Lifematch 2018), a woman haunted by the murder of her father. Beginning in the past, where she had her last few moments with her dad before someone invaded their home, you are given the foundation of her trauma.  Fast forward, she is finally ready to move on, but soon an innocent run turns into murder. Literally bumping into a man named Douglas (Dean J. West: Cloak & Dagger 2018, The Hunt 2020), Caitlin, along with several others, witnesses him being assaulted. As the others just watch and do nothing, Caitlin does the right thing and takes action.

Unfortunately, her Good Samaritan instincts were not enough and Douglas is killed. After the tragic incident, she begins seeing and hearing weird things, until eventually she starts having visions of Douglas. Then, at a candlelight vigil in the park, she meets Lucas (Will Stout: Good Behavior 2017, Daredevil series), Douglas’s brother. Having never met one another before, something is a bit off about him and things begin to intensify from here.

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First, Caitlin witnesses the death of the careless bystander that recorded the assault of Douglas, but is told it was a suicide. When she swears she saw someone in the guy’s window, of course, no one believes her. She then begins to show up as the other witnesses end up suspiciously dead; all of which are being reported as suicides or accidents. Is her mind playing tricks on her or is someone killing these witnesses – and is Caitlin next?

Although there are several supernatural elements in Don’t Look Back, there is still the Thriller aspect of an unknown murder. The ending is a bit of a surprise in one aspect, but not in others. All this said, the music and the overall vibe of the film are all pretty good. Additionally, the acting is not terrible, with other supporting cast members including Skylar Bowman (Cruel Intentions 2016, The X Species 2018) as Caitlin’s boyfriend and Jeremy Holm (Mr. Robot series, The Ranger 2018) as Detective Boyd.

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However, all these factors in mind the story itself could be interpreted by some as a bit predictable. Nonetheless it is decent Thriller that keeps you guessing, and thus is still a good start for Reddick in the director’s chair. It will be interested to see where he goes from here, but until then, Cryptic Rock gives his efforts with Don’t Look Back 3 out of 5 stars.

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