Don’t Look (Movie Review)

Don’t Look (Movie Review)

Five friends decide to ditch the traditional family outing on Thanksgiving to escape, and party, at some secluded farmhouse out in the sticks someplace possibly upstate New York. Here, the five friends will succumb to the rampage of a murderous villain with lots of ideas to take out each person. This simple plot belongs to Wild Eye Releasing’s new film, Don’t Look, which sees distribution May 14th, 2019 on both VOD and DVD.

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Marketed as a “throwback” to old Slasher films, Don’t Look hardly works as anything near a throwback, nor does it add a “modern twist” to anything of yesteryear’s Horror Cinema. So why doesn’t it work? Well, it is mostly because of the story which centers around a suspicious Nicole (Lindsay DiFulvio: Conviction series, Company Retreat 2009), whose farmhouse she and her friends are visiting. For some reason, she holds back a certain secret that maybe her friends should have known a long time ago, being that they are indeed her friends. How the farmhouse still stands since Nicole’s childhood is another question unanswered.

Living next door to this farmhouse is a couple of loony characters, Kelley (Jarrod Robbins: Step Brothers 2008, Angels & Demons 2009) and his sweetheart Sherri Baby (Hailey Heisick: Diamonds To Dust 2014, Black Dog. Red Dog 2015), both of whom provide the better acting parts of the entire film. These two characters are also the bane of the existence of the 5 friends, for they force themselves into their private Thanksgiving gathering, causing a lot of friction, and many awkward moments. Soon, the five friends are taken out one by one at the hands of a crazed killer—but who could it be?

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First-time Director Luciana Faulhaber (Iron Man 3 2013, Gotham series) also stars as Lorena in Don’t Look, providing a sort-of rough and tough person out for a good time while trying to bed her friend Ted (Jeff Berg: The Sex Trip 2017, House Of Demons 2018). Faulhaber does her best to make sense of the script from Jessica Boucher, but it will leave you wondering why any of the material at hand was not changed to something a little more coherent. 

Adding to the talents of Heisick and Robbins is Javier E. Gómez (Psicosis series, Jurakan 2010) starring as a gentle, very outgoing, well-spoken Sebastian, and Curtis K. Case (Batman Beyond series, 5150 2016), starring as Alex, who is dating Nicole, but for some reason had no idea of her childhood. In Don’t Look, both Sebastian and Alex are good friends, and show it like its real life, providing hope these characters make it out alive. These four actors have the skills to pay the bills, and each one has a bio a mile long, filled with past and future billings. It is a pleasure to see these people helping Faulhaber to get her vision onto the big screen.

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Although rude to list all the negatives about a movie based solely on one opinion, there is a lot of good which Don’t Look does offer. The cinematography is one of them, where a lot of angles and shots had a very imaginative feel. The ending shot is quite good, too, and memorable, at that, which may stay with the viewer courageous enough to had seen the film all the way through. The gore factor is at a decent level, which will quench the thirst of any gore-hound, and there is much nudity to “bare” from both sexes. Also a plus is the very short running-time.

Don’t Look may be sloppy, might have a convoluted storyline, and provide a bunch of characters no one will like, but it is a movie that took a lot of courage to put together, and to get the film into the hands of a distributor for a proper release. It takes guts to act, direct, and to get behind a camera to make a movie work. Don’t Look might not be for everyone, and it may not put a dent into the world of Horror, but it will provide someone the courage to get up and do something worthwhile with his or her own life. For a decent offering, a few good acting chops, and imaginative camerawork, Cryptic Rock gives Don’t Look 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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