Don’t Worry Darling (Movie Review)

When Harry Styles was asked what was his favorite thing of Don’t Worry Darling in a  press conference at the Venice Film Festival, he responded with; “My favorite thing of the movie is that is feels like a movie, it feels like a real like, ya know go to the theatre, film, movie, that ya know you kind of, the reason why you go, to watch something on the big screen.” Well said Harry Styles. At the time of that response, many did not realize that Styles was making complete sense and giving us an accurate description of Don’t Worry Darling
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In theaters everywhere September 23, 2022 through Warner Bros. Pictures, Don’t Worry Darling the film’s cast is led by Harry Styles (Dunkirk 2017, Eternals 2021), Florence Pugh (Little Women 2019, Black Widow 2021), and Olivia Wilde (TRON: Legacy 2010, The Lazarus Effect 2015). Dubbed a Psychological Thriller, it opens with Jack Chambers and his wife, Alice. Jack and Alice live in their perfect house in a synchronized neighborhood called Victory set in the 1950s.  Each neighbor, who is a co-worker of Jack Chambers, all live next to each other and all head off to work in the morning together at the same time to their top secret work called, The Victory Project lead by Frank (Chris Pine: Star Trek 2009, Wonder Woman 2017). The dresses, wardrobes, and cars are all in vibrant colors and are appropriate for the era. 
Jack and his wife Alice seemingly have a very loving relationship at the beginning which will turn into turmoil and betrayal as the plot, which if you can follow it, thickens. Bunny, Alice’s neighbor and friend, played by Olivia Wilde who is also the director and Harry Styles’ real life significant something or other, surprisingly acted impressively, created a very likable and entertaining character. As for Styles as Jack Chambers, it was difficult to take his heated emotional scenes seriously since we know him as a genuinely humble being treating people with kindness. However, his role is a big step out of the Harry Styles we know and love; he proves promise in an acting career, although fans would probably prefer he stay with music as they have always known him.
As for the rest of the story, Alice begins to question her perfect life and her curiosity leads her to dangerous territory. On a trolley ride in her isolated town where she believes she witnesses a plane crash, she jumps off and comes across the forbidden “headquarters.” Upon touching it, she experiences a series of hallucinations before it all goes to black. Alice is next seen waking up from a nap in her home as Jack is cooking dinner. She’s confused as to how she got back home and Jack downplays it all. Jack melodically sings “Boiling the Potatoes,” and offers some comic relief to Styles fans.
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It is easy for you to get very lost at this point as the movie becomes choppy and disoriented. Alice and Bunny’s friend Margaret (KiKi Layne: If Beale Street Could Talk Tish Rivers 2018, The Old Guard 2020) attempts to kill herself after Margaret was having odd dreams and experienced the disappearance of her son which haunts Alice. Margaret then slits her own throat in front of Alice and is taken away by apparent security in Red jumpsuits and is never seen again.  Frank and his cohorts deny and downplay the entire episode claiming she fell and had to get stitches in the hospital. Jack gets awarded by Frank for his growth and dedication to the project as Alice is experiencing a breakdown in the next room. She reveals to Bunny that she went to headquarters and Bunny is angered and leaves.  The entire time, Jack is celebrating his new promotion with a radical type tap dance for Frank for the rest of the evening. The next evening Alice and Jack host a dinner at their house for Frank and his wife, Shelley, and co-workers. Bunny and her husband are conspicuously absent.  What makes for one of the best scenes in the movie, Alice and Frank have a multi-level dialogue following Frank’s quiet confrontation to Alice to dare to challenge him. 
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All in all, this is Florence Pugh and Chris Pine at their best. Intensity builds between the two at the dinner table, insults and accusations ensue, and the guests abruptly leave after Frank’s wife has her say. Jack and Alice’s relationship has now changed permanently. He offers Alice a chance to stay. Alice wants Jack to leave. And the rest is for you to make sense of and uncover the disturbing darkness that lies beneath this perfect community. For this interesting plot and a strong cast, Cryptic Rock gives Don’t Worry Darling 4 out of 5 stars. 
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