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Dope – Blood Money Part Zer0 (Album Review)

Edsel Dope 2023

There are only a few bands still hanging around from the early 2000s Metal movement. Of course, you have the more mainstream acts still chugging away like Slipknot, Disturbed, and Papa Roach, but many others have faded into obscurity. Perhaps due to changing fades, or simply bands who moved onto other things, the list seems to keep getting shorter with each passing year. Kind of sad to see, because despite criticisms, the era did produce some memorable material, and that included a little band going by the name Dope.

Originating in New York City, Dope unfairly was lumped in with Nu-Metal, but upon their arrival 1999 with Felons and Revolutionaries, it was clear they really were more of an Industrial Metal band than anything else. Separating themselves even further from the Nu-Metal label in 2001 with the extremely impressive Life album, Dope has done nothing but remain extremely active in the two decades that have followed. Pumping out a list of quality albums, touring regularly, but most of all sustaining their integrity, in 2023 they remind us yet again never to count them out with Blood Money Part Zer0.

Released on February 24th through EPOD Entertainment Group, the album features the familiar lineup of Edsel Dope (vocals), Virus (guitars), Acey Slade (bass) and Daniel Fox (drums). A trio who has been working together off and on for nearly twenty years, the new music also marks their first studio album since 2016’s Blood Money Part 1Part 1 was an album that received positive feedback, one would think Part 2 would be the next title in sequence… but this is Dope, so why not go in reverse!

Their seventh overall studio album, Blood Money Part Zer0 consists of twelve songs, and generously enough, Dope opted to give it away to fans for free digitally. A nice gesture, hopefully people will invest in the physical format copy; because truthfully, the new material is pretty darn solid. Keep in mind this is seven years removed from their last album, and their last album was seven years removed from 2009’s No Regrets. Awful long gaps of time in between, fortunately Edsel and company are not mailing it in… because Blood Money Part Zer0 has many standout moments.

Whether it be the heavy, angry “No Respect,” or the addictive dance beat driven “Believe,” this album has a lot to offer. This is even more evident with songs like “Choke,” which sounds like it could fit right in during the Life era, or the more Industrial “Dead World” and “Dive.” And then there is the rather unique cover of The Cure’s “Lovesong” that somehow works well for Dope.

When it is all said and done, this album is a delightful return for Dope who really deserve more respect that they garner. They are a band that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but no one can deny that Edsel Dope knows how to write some extremely catchy songs which are still potent with an outside the mainstream outlook that always reminds us of this absurdity that we refer to as society. A nice surprise in 2023, Cryptic Rock gives Blood Money Part Zer0 4 out of 5 stars. 

Dope - Blood Money Part Zero art
Dope – Blood Money Part Zer0 / EPOD Entertainment Group (2023)

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