Doro – Forever Warriors & Forever United (Album Review)

For as many strong-minded, dominating female vocalists of the Heavy Metal world as have sprung up over the years, none have quite surpassed the Queen of Heavy Metal herself, Doro Pesch. Making her debut in the ’80s as the vocalist of the band Warlock, German born and raised, classic Heavy Metal Singer Doro Pesch is back at it again with 2 CD studio albums, Forever Warriors and Forever United, which arrives Friday, August 17, 2018, thanks to Nuclear Blast Records.

With thirteen solo albums now under her belt, plus the four Warlock albums, it is nothing less than exciting that neither time nor age have short-sighted the extreme passion for Metal that Doro has carried with her since birth. She has been a successful performer at the Wacken Heavy Metal festival in Germany, and is such a natural act in such a setting that one would imagine her attending since birth. She is the kind of true-blooded Heavy Metal warrior fans could picture in a leather jacket and a diaper, holding a toy microphone while giving the Metal horns to the crowd as an infant.

The last Doro Pesch album, Raise Your Fist, released in 2012 on Nuclear Blast, featured a song dedicated to the late Ronnie James Dio, and the majority, if not all of her work, is compassionate to her Metal peers. She has put herself on the firing line with many notable collaborators in the past, including UDO and Peter Steele, to name a few. As a one-of-a-kind, soul filled with pure steel and sweetness, Doro has taken on her greatest effort yet with the double-album release of Forever Warriors, Forever United.

As if two albums boasting 25-tracks were not enough, Forever Warriors and Forever United features a few notable special guests, including Mille (Kreator); Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth); Chuck Billy (Testament); the late, great Warrel Dane (Sanctuary, Nevermore); Jeff Waters (Annihilator); Sabaton; Ross the Boss; Rock ‘N’ Rolf (Running Wild); Detraktor; Tommy Bolan (ex-Warlock); and Andy Brings. All of whom contribute their main efforts to the brilliant yet simple and direct anthem, “All For Metal,” featured on the Forever Warriors portion of the collection, while the other album Forever United is full of gems as well.

The first album, Forever Warriors, starts off with the previously mentioned, great anthem collaboration “All For Metal,” which is a brilliant start as a very joyous track, and it ends with the track “Metal Is My Alcohol,” which speaks volumes for itself in terms of that obvious and genuine passion for the craft of Heavy Metal itself. Furthermore, “If I Can’t Have You-No One Will” is quite possibly the most powerful one on the whole album, as it features Amon Amarth Vocalist Johan Hegg, and the dueling, opposing vocals mixed with the subject matter and tough drumming serves up a cohesive tale of success in its most creative format.

Keeping with the subject matter, “Soldier of Metal” is a very solid and beautifully-written ballad. Midway through, “Blood Sweat And Rock N’ Roll” further exemplifies Doro’s commanding and soothing vocals as it delves deep into the heart of the Rock-n-Roll soul; those old school, Classic Rock riffs really hit home, and drive the message to the world. Moving on to the more somber portion of the album, “Don’t Break My Heart Again,” and especially “Love’s Gone To Hell,” provide the listener comfort in times of sadness and disarray in the most heartfelt way.

With so much more to offer, the kicker of the addition of the second album, Forever United, pushes the limits of the normal to a level of over-achievement. Most notable songs here include the opener, “Resistance,” which forces its way into the lives of its audience in a badass way. Further diving into the core with the somber, cerebral solitude exemplified in “Heartbroken” and “It Cuts So Deep,” losing oneself in the moment seems easy.

Once again with the deep male vocal intro and mixed in occasional male vocals, “Love Is A Sin” has quite the interesting arrangement that is one of the most stand-out traits in this entire double album. As the album climaxes with the peaceful tune of “Living Life To The Fullest” and the dynamic hit “1000 Years,” it then culminates in the heavier tunes of “Fight Through The Fire” and “Lost In The Ozone,” which would both be enhanced in a live setting.

Doro obviously has put in tremendous effort into all 25 tracks, which clearly pays off well. For any true Doro Pesch fans it would be a shame to not own this commendable and memorable double album, which holds high ranking as perhaps one of her best works yet. Her collaborative efforts are most admired as she never holds an ego to her very deserving title as the Queen of Heavy Metal. Unity, love, passion, following dreams, and never giving up are the messages she sends to her peers and it is one to admire. For these reasons, CrypticRock gives the epic efforts of Forever Warriors and Forever United 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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