Doyle – Doyle II: As We Die (Album Review)

Death consumes us all, though once we are dead, the real fun begins! Or so goes the war cry of the dark lads in Doyle, who return to the macabre world of Horror Punk/Metal June 2nd of 2017 with Doyle II: As We Die via Monsterman Records/EMP Label Group.

Doyle is, in fact, a man and a band. First there is Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein of Misfits’ fame, who slings the annihilating death axe as the central archvillain of his eponymous band, Doyle. Hailing from the streets of Lodi, New Jersey – home of heavyweights the Misfits, Danzig and Samhain – Doyle is synonymous with the blood-soaked genre of Horror Punk. To formulate the most murderous line-up possible, Doyle enlisted Vocalist Alex “Wolfman” Story (Cancerslug, Gorgeous Frankenstein), Bassist Brandon Strate (They Live), and Drummer Brandon Pertzborn (Black Flag, Revolution Mother). Together, these four distinct personalities make up the eponymous band, Doyle, who released their debut album, Abominator, in 2013.

Doyle II: As We Die is the caustic companion to Abominator: a thirteen-song compendium. Much of the guitar work was recorded nearly four years ago, as this material was originally intended for the aforementioned release. Doyle explains: “I did the guitars when I did the Abominator record. We did two albums at once, actually. We were going to do a double album but there was so much material we just cut the motherfucker in half. We were actually done with all the recording during February of 2016, and we were just having a real problem getting the mix right. We mixed for 14 fucking months…I’m out of my mind, man. It’s got to be perfect. It’s your product and you have to make it perfect, ’cause it’s forever. It’s got to be great . . .

Doyle II: As We Die begins with the sensual onslaught of “Kiss Me As We Die,” a darkly urgent plea that features Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy. Macabre sensuality permeates the core of “Beast Like Me,” moving the band into the classic Metal dirge of “God of Flies,” where Vocalist Alex Story truly shines atop the sludgy, bass-heavy groove. “Run For Your Life” walks a line that is somewhat closer to Punk with its gang vocal chants, while “Darkside” presents a caterwauling guitar attack.

“You used your witchcraft on me / I knew it from the start / You stopped the beating of my angry, black and broken heart,” Story sings on the beautifully pulverizing attack of sensual, Gothic “Witchcraft.” This is followed with the no-holds-barred Thrash of “King of the Undead,” sleazy groove of “Virgin Sacrifice” (which features a guest spot from Randy Blythe of Lamb of God), and the anthem for the damned, “We Belong Dead.” All three are stellar representations of an album that plays off some of the best elements of Southern groove, Thrash, Metal, Punk, and all things Horror, steeping every luscious lurch in that Gothic sensibility that we expect from Mr. Wolfgang von Frankenstein.

Doyle and his comrades promise to “Show No Mercy” before launching into the jackhammering “Dark Gods Arise,” assaultive “Blood On the Axe,” and the frenetic conclusion, “Night of Sin.” Horror Punk would be a far too narrow definition for this album, a thirteen-song collection that runs the gamut across several genres and takes all prisoners for sacrifice! While Doyle II: As We Die does wane a bit towards its conclusion, the album is still a truly solid and enjoyable experience. Of course, as with all good things in life, Doyle are best when they are dirtiest! For the dirty, dirty, macabre beauty of the dirge, CrypticRock give Doyle’s Doyle II: As We Die 4 of 5 stars.

Doyle are currently on tour with CrypticRock alum Davey Suicide.  Check for further details and dates.


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