Dying Fetus rampage through Revolution Amityville, NY 10-19-14

Dying Fetus rampage through Revolution Amityville, NY 10-19-14

After pulverizing audiences as part of the Summer Slaughter Tour, Maryland’s Dying Fetus are back on the road again.  Scheduled to travel to Europe from November through December, the band made sure to make select stops in North America for the last time in 2014.  A night after appearing at Rock and Shock up in Worcester, MA, Dying Fetus came to Revolution Bar & Music Hall in Amityville, NY on Sunday October 19th to an overwhelming packed room.  Returning to the venue for the first time since The Divinity Of Purpose Tour in 2013, with Hatebreed and Shadows Fall, this time around they brought Absence of Salvation, Divergence, Surgical Strike, and Iscaroit as direct support for a headlining appearance.

First to the stage was Long Island’s Thrash Metal band Absence of Salvation.  Together since 2012, the band has spent time building a name in the underground local scene.  Gracious for the opportunity to open for Dying Fetus, they released a furious set of Metal which had the audience moshing from the moment they walked through the door.  Vocalist  Jim Henriques fled about the stage making a lasting impression with his energetic approach.  Keep a look out for them as they continue to build a following.

Next was New York City based Divergence.  Formed in 2011, they are another act building a name for themselves with an experimental form of Progressive Death Metal consisting of Daniel Benenati (drums), Anthony Espinal (guitar), Andrew Nunez (guitar), Giovanni Serrano (vocals), and Clark Gavidia (bass).  Enticing the audience to scream and mosh along, it was clear to see the band brought with them more than a handful of supporters as the crowd grew larger.  Their debut EP titled Limits of Perception is available.

Keeping the local talents coming was Surgical Strike out of Oceanside, NY.  Youthful and inspired, the band came together in 2012 and is currently configured as a 3-piece of Phil Fasulo (vocals/guitar), Anthony Fasulo (bass), and Josh Bundra (drums).  In a short time together they have already shared the stage with such veterans as Sworn Enemy and Death Angel.  Bringing a brand of Thrash and Death Metal influenced original tunes, the band tore up Revolution, making for a wonderful stepping stone as they continue to grow.  They are currently seeking a second guitarist to add to their army.

Directly prior to Dying Fetus’ performance was the final local band showcase of the night by the name of Iscaroit.  Combining Thrash Metal, Death Metal, and some Hardcore textures, the band completely blew away everyone standing from the front of the stage all the way to the bar in the rear.  Their sheer intensity was quite impressive as vocalist Josh Pasciucco threw his entire body into the set leaving nothing but debris behind.  This band is not all aggression though, they also have a generous mix of melodic guitar work midst it all with spectacular combined playing of guitarists  Chris Mistretta and Justin Goldat, along with drumming of Brendan Bratkowsky.  Also a young band making their way, they are looking to add a full-time bassist to their team, so keep a look out for them as they continue on.

Finally the time had come for Dying Fetus to take control of the night following some promising local showcases.  Having been an important part of the American Death Metal scene for over two decades now, Dying Fetus have never strayed far from the path in their distinctive brutal approach.  Led by founder John Gallagher on vocals/guitar, the lineup is rounded out by Sean Beasley on bass/vocals and Trey Williams on drums.  Releasing their seventh, as well as most commercial successful album, Reign Supreme in 2012, Dying Fetus show no signs of slowing down and that is exactly what fans count on.  With now a crowd so large packed into Revolution, it was hard to even move around and the punishment was about ready to commence.

Instantaneously igniting a mosh pit bigger than any point prior in the evening, Gallagher and company fed off the energy rattling out a strong, tight start.  Rolling through their most dominating tunes including “One Shot, One Kill” and  “From Womb to Waste,” the adrenaline pumping on the floor was unbelievable as fans moved about smashing into the barricades without concern for physical well being.  Gallagher’s snarling growls were so thick, one could feel the tension mounting in their chest from it all as Beasley head-banged to the groove.  Putting on the Death Metal vocal performance like no other, Gallagher also dazzled on guitar with lightening fast finger-work that was not only lively, but precise.  Mixing in other tunes such as “Your Treachery Will Die With You,”  the beat-down was so relentless it could possibly be Dying Fetus put on the most deadly performance at Revolution in sometime.  Williams’ drumming alone was a sight to see as he rattled through songs like a machine gun without even appearing to break a sweat and having the audience screaming for more.

Other highlights of the extended set included “Justifiable Homicide” and “Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses).”  Certainly an appreciated appearance, this Long Island crowd was on fire until the final drum hit and still begged for more.  While Dying Fetus wrap up 2014 overseas, the band will turn their attentions to recording new material in 2015 which is music to the ears of their followers.


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