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Echosmith – Echosmith (Album Review)

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Is there something genetically engraved within the DNA of bands which feature siblings that creates a unique sound? A thought to ponder, many Rock-n-Roll bands have included siblings and family members, with much of attaining great success together. Among these you have of course The Everly Brothers, The Beach Boys, and in more recent times, acts like Greta Van Fleet, but also Echosmith.

Echosmith, with a history that dates back nearly fifteen years, is a band of established three siblings – Vocalist/Guitarist/Keyboardist Sydney Grace Ann, Bassist/Vocalist Noah Jeffery David Joseph, and Drummer Graham Jeffery David Sierota. Together as Echosmith they made waves back in 2013 with their hit single “Cool Kids.” A song reached number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified triple platinum by the RIAA with over 1,200,000 sales in the United States, but also went double platinum by ARIA in Australia, and became Warner Bros. Records’ fifth-biggest-selling-digital song of 2014. Wow, that is impressive! Anchoring their 2013 major label debut album Talking Dreams, the band continued on with a list of EP releases, before releasing their sophomore album Lonely Generation in 2020. Creating some quality music along the way, now in 2023, Echosmith look to take the next step in their musical evolution.

Still very young, averaging between 24 to 27 years of age, Echosmith has done a lot of growing up since their first taste of fame. Dedicated to their music, instead of living off that success they had when kids, they are challenging themselves to keep writing good music. Doing just that, their latest album, simply entitled Echosmith, is bold proof of such. Released back on July 28th through the band’s own label, it includes twelve well crafted, quite thoughtful songs. Produced by Noah, along with collaboration from Jamie Jeffery David Harry Sierota (who stepped back from playing in the band in ’16), the best way to describe the new album is mature Pop Rock.

Harnessing their influences into something special, you can hear elements of Jangle Pop, Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, and Synthpop all mixing together. Something Echosmith has always been masterful at, what the new album offers is more of the same, but much more honed in. What this means is that as they have aged, experiencing life with all of its ups and downs, they have harnessed it all into their music. 

With this you get introspective songs full of depth, intrigue, and thoughtful conversation. This is evident in various corners of the record, but perhaps the most striking moments would have to be the beautiful “Porcelain,” acoustic-based “Greedy,” catchy “Golden Child,” plus the singles “Sour” and “Hindsight.” All different – some more upbeat, others more mellow – it would be an absolute disservice to overlook the really touching “Brother, Sister.” “Brother, Sister,” a rather stripped-down track, is a very emotional expression of love, all while being explanatory of how much they have grown as people and songwriters.

When put together Echosmith’s latest album, all you can say is that it is rather exceptional. Flowing smoothly, there are ebbs and flows which all fit well together. Exploring sounds and trusting their instincts, Cryptic Rock gives Echosmith 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Echosmith 2023 album cover
Echosmith – Echosmith (2023)

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