Edenbridge – Dynamind (Album Review)

The Austrian melodic Metal act Edenbridge return on Friday, October 25th with their latest release, Dynamind, via Steamhammer/SPV.

With the band’s thirteenth release, the five-piece incorporated atmospherically dense compositions, directed by Lanvall (multi-instrumentalist) along with Sabine Edelsbacher (vocals) who combine their melodies and grooves with transcendent lyrical vibes to create their other-worldly sound. Paired with the musicality of Dominik Sebastian (lead/rhythm guitars), Johannes Jungreithmeier (drums), and Stefan Gimpl (bass), together, Edenbridge is back with an album that is fiercely supernatural.

In analyzing the name Dynamind itself, “There’s an interesting quote which summarizes the deeper meaning of the album title,” Edelsbacher explains. “It says: ‘The muscle of consciousness develops through the stress ratio of opposites.’” An interesting comment, while the band manage to stay true to their original sound, they also manage to harness a new energy and deliver an album that completely documented their holistic approach and complexity.

Like the works before it such as 2006’s The Grand Design, 2008’s Myearthdream, 2010’s Solitaire, 2013’s The Bonding, and 2017’s The Great Momentum, Dynamind was mixed by Karl Groom (Threshold). “Karl and I complement each other perfectly,” said Lanvall, who’s time was spent with Groom at the British Thin Ice Studio perfecting the final touches. “While I always have a very clear idea of the sound of a new Edenbridge album, he has the necessary expertise as a sound engineer.Expanding on the notion of expertise, Mika Jussila (Stratovarius), mastered the recording at the renowned Finnvox Studios once again, while guest Vocalist Thomas Strübler contributed the haunting choir parts and part singing.

All these factors laid out, the first half of the album is full of epic, broad entrustments and brash vocals. The gnashing guitars paired with the eclectic electronics and Edelsbacher’s uniquely deep vocals kicks the album off with vigor. From the moment “The Memory Hunter” starts off, the energy is there, sparking excitement in what is to come. Then things shift with the Irish-inspired theme “On The Other Side.” Amazing enough, the track had been in the back of Lanvall’s mind for at most fifteen years now. Lanvall said, “I had the idea as far back as Aphelion, but at the time there were some important parts missing. This time the verse and chorus suddenly came to me out of nowhere when I returned from a walk. Suddenly, in one moment, it was all there, making ‘On The Other Side’ the song in Edenbridge’s history that took the least time to compose.” The song that served as a metaphor for the age-old saying that “the grass is greener on the other side” ended up becoming much more for the band.

Moving on, as the song “All Our Yesterdays” starts, it is like Act II of a theatrical production. Starting off softly, like a whisper to a scream before the dramatics kick in, the same happens with “The Edge of the World.” This is while “Tauerngold” comes in to break things up and offer some variety with its quiet approach composed with a doom-laden central part. However, the finale is a key element to Dynamind, with “The Last of His Kind” stepping up to plate with an overwhelming 12-minute playing time before going into the closing title-track.

Overall, Dynamind is a complex, theatrical album with a lot of elements. While Edenbridge are geniuses at creating compelling and addictive choruses, the album still possessed a certain dynamic that may comes off as slightly repetitive, and at times, void of the emotion that it boasts.Having moments of grandeur, but still retaining a bit of charm, Cryptic Rock give Dynamind 3 out of 5 stars.

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