Eisley – Currents (Album review)

Eisley – Currents (Album review)


Eisley is a captivating band consisting of three sisters (Sherri, Stacey, & Chauntelle), their brother (Weston), and cousin (Garron). Unique by design, with each band member being blood relation, Eisley has been making impressions since their 2005 major label debut album Room Noises. Their sound incorporates melodic enchanting alternative rock with dream like vocal harmonies.

In 2007 the band released Combinations, which was another step in shaping their sound.  Four years later, 2011 brought Eisley to a new record label in Equal Vision and they released their third full length album The Valley; an excellent album containing some of the band’s strongest recordings to date. In 2013, Eisley is looking to wow audiences yet again with their fourth studio album Currents.

Currents starts things off with the title track that leads us in a elegant fashion into this dream-like feel with the sweet sound of Stacey King’s voice. Guitar melodies echo through the song, creating an atmosphere, as a mesmerizing chorus with all three sisters harmonizing make it a great beginning to the album.  On the piano driven track “Blue Fish”, the vocal delivery will melt the coldest of hearts as the band further captures an atmosphere with layering of sounds.  The song is brought together completely with the mature clear perspective of the lyrics.

“Drink the Water” brings you further into a dream of alternative rock bliss. As if the track is not already majestic enough, just wait until the last moments for the true pay-off where angelic vocals and enchanting instrumentation resonant through your speakers.

The tone of the album is turned up a notch on “Save My Soul”, showing another side of Eisley, with a more straight-ahead rock sound highlighted by a throbbing bass line and grooving guitar melodies. Once the chorus kicks in you will realize Eisley can rock hard as well as sing you a lullaby.  The song “Millstone” puts the songwriting and vocal talents of Chauntelle DuPree-D’Agostino on display where she writes and sings the song exclusively. The beautiful rendition of alternative rock is reminiscent to that of the best 90’s alternative had to offer. With a band so loaded with talent, it is nice to see each member have an opportunity to showcase their talents individually as well.

“Wicked Child” is another unique track on the album featuring the contributions of Merriment. For those who do not know, Merriment is a band formed by Christie and Collin Dupree; two siblings who are also part of the Eisley family tree, showing this family clearly has music in their DNA. The track has an atmospheric folk-like sound that will lead you away from your worries and into bliss. “Wonder English” is the height of Eisley’s dream-like brand of rock, keeping the flow going through the second half of the album, not letting the listener down.  “Lost Enemies” is a drum-heavy tune complemented by keyboards and guitar. The album concludes with “Shelter”, a majestic track of sound painting a vivid picture with orchestral sounds and textured piano.

Currents is a statement making album for Eisley. The album was entirely self-produced by the band with reportedly little outside influence; recorded within the confines of Sherri and her husband Max Bemis (Say Anything) home studio. With completely artistic freedom, Eisley has managed to make their most atmospheric work yet. Layers of sound haunt you with clear vivid images of harmony and melody. The band has always had a knack for writing beautiful songs, but lyrically and musically they have mastered their craft with Currents. The album flows naturally and takes you through the peaks and valleys of a dream. Although clear and vivid, the album needs to be listened a few times through to truly appreciate the textures. CrypticRock give this album 5 out of 5 stars.

eisley currents

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