Ektomorf – Reborn (Album Review)

Ektomorf – Reborn (Album Review)

Hungarian Heavy Metal stalwarts, Ektomorf are back with their new album, Reborn, set for release on Friday, January 22, 2021 via Napalm Records.

Kicking off the new year in slaughtering fashion, Ektomorf are likely a band many Metal fans are just now discovering. However, Ektomorf are not new to the party as these grinders from Hungary began their Heavy Metal legacy 26 years ago. Beginning with their debut LP, 1996’s Hangok, Ektomorf have since amassed a catalog of 14 studio albums including 2004’s Destroy, 2010’s Redemption, and 2018’s Fury. A Groove Metal band for the majority of the last two decades, Ektomorf are returning to their primal roots as a full on Thrash Metal act with their 15th studio album, Reborn. As Ektomorf’s debut on Napalm Records, Reborn stands to show Ektomorf in the same musical light as American Metal giants Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth a.k.a. “The Big Four.”

Setting the bar high, Ektomorf’s Reborn is brought to life by track one, “Ebullition.” The fast riffs of this piece climax with a guitar solo that can only be defined as a Thrash Metal explosion leading into a slow portion which builds the track back up and comes full circle. Next, the title track “Reborn” symbolizes Ektomorf’s rebirth into a Thrash Metal demon. Opened by a haunting bass riff, “And The Dead Will Walk” rises with massively heavy riffing all the way through, think Metallica’s “The Thing That Should Not Be.” Following the track “Fear Me,” the stand out tune”Where The Hate Conceives” begins with a soft acoustic piece and does not mislead the listener as the next part moves to a very heavy and fast level.

Next on the track list, “The Worst Is Yet To Come” features an ominous bell toll through out while the instrumental, “Forsaken,” is as melodic as it is dynamic. Literally as the title states, the final track on  Reborn, “Smashing The Past” is a cathartic release of emotion and the destruction of pain and agony to be left behind. This breakthrough wraps itself around defiant lyrics and even more Metal heaviness.

Clearly a hard working band, Ektomorf are making a profound statement with the release of Reborn. By honing in on the lyrics, one can see Ektomorf is not just trying to release new music for the sake of new music. Ektomorf obviously want to be here making music that reaches people. This is evident on tracks like “Reborn,” “Where The Hate Conceives,” and “Smashing The Past.”

Overall, fans who have been following Ektomorf for the last 26 years should be pleased as these eight tracks certainly stand out as in your face Heavy Metal. For these reasons, Cryptic Rock awards Reborn 4 out of 5 stars.

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