Emerson Hart – 32 Thousand Days (Album Review)

An acclaimed singer-songwriter and lead singer of of the multi Grammy nominated Rock band Tonic, Emerson Hart is back at it again with his latest solo album, 32 Thousand Days.

Hitting the public on Friday, December 13th, 2019 via Pasquo House Records, his third overall solo record comes 5 years after 2014’s Beauty in Disrepair and comes with 14 new songs telling a whole new story. An album filled with life, love and heartache, 32 Thousand Days is inspired by the story of  Hart’s 90 year old stepfather Arthur’s journey through life. Brought to life, encapsulating moments in time with illustrious melodies, soaring three part harmonies and incredibly relatable lyrics, it could be one of Hart’s solo best works today. 

Recorded in Hart’s own Nashville studio, 32 Thousand Days begins with “Lucky One,” a track which includes a beautiful faded in guitar chord progression which catapults Hart’s lyrics perfectly. Her the songwriter sets the tone about no matter how hard life can be, even in our darkest times we think we have nothing left, it is then we find the true beauty in the love we have all around us. A wonderful start, another standout comes a few songs later with the beautiful harmonic “She Makes it Rain.” About someone running on faith, distressed within the storms of her, with just one look into the eyes of her loved one, it somehow all goes away.

Moving on, “When I had You” puts you in a place where everyone has been at one point in their lives. Something you are trying to overcome, sometimes all you need are kind words and a hand to hold, and that is exactly what this song provides. Then there is “Amen” filled with soaring vocals and beautifully layered harmonies taking on a ride through all the things we all wish for – peaceful times, places where no pain can survive and for our loved one to always be with us.

Following is “Ageless” which is without a doubt one of the major highlights of the collection with its simplistic musical background comprised mostly of acoustic guitar. A timeless piece about growing older, you hear of how the woman in our character’s life has always been able to keep herself ageless while everything else around her is wilting and fading away. In truth, it shows age is just a number and love can grow old yes, but it simply does not fade away.

Overall 32 Thousand Days is a beautiful journey through the eyes of one man and comprises all the ups and down that come along with his and all of our travels. It is an album which will appeal to both Tonic or those just hearing Emerson Hart for the first time. The music is beautiful, the lyrics thoughtful and Hart’s singing is in top notch form. A contemplative album about life and a wonderful nighttime listen, Cryptic Rock gives 32 Thousand Days 5 out of 5 stars.

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