Emily Kinney – Expired Love (Album review)

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Emily Kinney – Expired Love (Album review)

EMILY KINNEY GLAMOHOLIC MAG 38376 - Emily Kinney - Expired Love (Album review)

Music and acting has been a passion for bright young entertainer Emily Kinney since a young age.  When the actress moved from her home state of Nebraska to New York City to pursue her acting career, she came with big dreams and determination to succeed. Making many good friends and earning experience in the entertainment industry, Kinney found her biggest break when she was cast in 2010 as Beth Greene on AMC’s The Walking Dead. While her career has blossomed since, with her role as Beth growing exponentially in recent seasons of the series, Kinney has also been actively writing and recording music.  Her debut EP Blue Toothbrush was released in 2011 and was the beginning of Kinney’s exposure to the world as a singer/songwriter.  Keeping her creative juices flowing, she released her sophomore effort in 2013 titled Expired Love, followed by a series of special live performances. Now in 2014, Kinney re-releases Expired Love with two bonus tracks. Featuring a list of talented musicians, the album is produced by Caleb Shreve who has worked with such artists as Norah Jones.

Opening with the title track, Kinney immediately brings on a series of super catchy melodies and harmonies. With a soothing vocal approach, Kinney shows elements of folk, indie, and pop rock all in one package. Lyrically, she speaks of personal experiences in a classic songwriter style reflecting on everyday life, failed relationships, and learning experiences. Making sure to keep the balance even throughout the entire album, Kinney mixes in upbeat tunes like “Julie”. With lighthearted lyrics, Kinney brings the words to life; singing in a convincing fashion to let someone know they are picking the wrong girl. The pop folk beat really is contiguous and fun to listen to. Tracks like “Kids” with quiet acoustic guitar is complimented by Kinney’s sweet tones which are right up front, making the listening experience that much more personal. Bringing on dream-like instrumentation, “Married” features a full sound and lyrics which paint a vivid image of the story Kinney is conveying.

The more upbeat piece “Doctor” has a bouncy beat with some nice harmonies where Kinney continues a strong performance. Her ability to craft fun and memorable lyrics is quiet strong, and most importantly engaging. This is possibly most evident on “Time Square” where Kinney’s showcases beautiful arpeggios on acoustic guitar and calm delivery which makes you feel like Kinney is sitting next to you singing directly to you. On “Masterpiece”, Kinney shows the listener she is a songwriter which can easily entice you with a pop piece and then take you into a deeper more personal place. The track unquestionably lives up to its title. There is no doubt Kinney is an emotional person and that bleeds through each song on Expired Love. The bonus material for the 2014 re-release of the album is “Dad Says” and “Be Good”. Both songs show an even more full recording sound where Kinney’s voice is slightly tucked back more behind the music, but still as enjoyable to listen to. The tracks are evidence of her growing ability as a songwriter and recording artist.

Expired Love is a wonderful listen full of feeling and quality song writing. Kinney’s artistic vision seems clear and this work is brought to life in a marvelous fashion. Fans of singer/songwriters with an indie pop rock flare should pick up Expired Love. CrypticRock give Expired Love 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Purchase a copy of Expired Love at www.emilykinney.com

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