A poster for a horror movie with a man's head in flames.

A poster for a horror movie with a man's head in flames.

Emphatic – Another Life (Album Review)


Emphatic is back and better then ever. The Omaha Nebraska Hard Rockers are back with a new album entitled Another Life. The band is comprised of Toryn Green (Vocalist), Justin McCain (Lead Guitar), Bill Hudson (Guitar), Jesse Saint (Bassist), and Patrick Mussack (Drummer.) They blasted onto the music scene back in 2004, and have been rocking ever since. After the bands first successful album entitled Damage and their successful single entitled “Bounce”, the hard rock band known as Emphatic are back with not only a brand new album but a new attitude as well.

The first track off of this album is entitled “Life After Anger” which is an explosive track that immediately draws you into the bands new record with a hard hitting sound that does nothing short but grab your attention. It’s a song that everyone will appreciate. “Time is Running Out” is the following track on the record and just immediately envelopes you. You can certainly tell with this song that Emphatic is back and stronger then ever. This song will certainly prove just as powerful to not only the ears but eyes as well if the band decided to play this song on their next tour. Toryn Green’s vocals on this song are outstanding; showing his dynamic and explosive vocalization range. The next song off of the album takes the listener down a step from the previous first two songs. It is called “Lights”; it’s a song with a clear message to anyone that is going through any sort of relationship problems. To not quit on the relationship, that whatever is going on, you can certainly work through it and that the only way it will end is when “the lights go out”. A killer track; one that long Emphatic fans will certainly love and enjoy.

“Some Things Never Die” is the next track off of the record and will be one that will dive right into the deepest and darkest part of the human spirit. It’s a song that anyone can relate too personally and hopefully will close some doors for them as well. Such an amazing and great track from this record. The next track off of the record is entitled “The Choice” and this track brings the band back to it’s roots with the sound that made first time listeners long time fans. This track also shows that the band can bring a new and unique sound to them that is certainly welcomed and one that fans will certainly welcome. “Another Life” emulates what this band has done since their last album as if they are reborn with a new sound, new energy, but attitude as well. The visuals on the cover of the album really help give a clear picture with this song, which in itself is very dark and ominous but in return uplifting.

The following track off of this record is called “I Don’t Need You” which is one of the more aggressive songs off of the album. It is powerful and certainly a great ballad track from the record. A clear message is sent in this song that fans can certainly gravitate towards, especially if they have been in a relationship where it ended badly. Such a powerful, hard-hitting song that will set your adrenaline on high. “Louder Than Love” begins with the use of an acoustic guitar then quickly amps up into one of the most powerful tracks on the record. The vocalization and amazing chorus, as well as the harmonies on this song is truly breathtaking. This song may just be the showcase song of the entire record, truly a phenomenal song. The band decided to step up it a few notches with next track off of the record, “Forbidden You”. This track helps provide and provoke the imagination of the listener as to what their varying temptations were in the previous track, leaving it up to the listener as to what the band was trying to convey in the previous track.

“Take Your Place” is the second to the last track off of this record, and just like the lead single from this record, has a great anthemic lure with it’s chorus and melody that fans will love. The final track to finish off this record is called “Remember Me” and it certainly does not disappoint. It’s certainly a clear winner to finish off this record. Just like the first track off of the record it is an explosive song that will get your adrenaline pumping and you will instantly set on roller coaster mode.

Another Life is an amazing record which long time fans of Emphatic, as well as fans new to this band, will undoubtedly love and have a craving for more. It is clear to say after this record that Emphatic are back, are better then ever, and have a ton of surprises to look forward too that die hard fans and new fans a like cannot wait to see. This record certainly showcases the dynamic and signature styles that they deliver, and make it look easy. Truly this record is an amazing, with hit after hit, that will certainly appease fans of all genres of music when it comes to rock. It is certainly without a question this is a real treat for the ears of the music fan within every person. Cryptic Rock gives this album 4.5 out of 5 stars!

emphatic insideWritten by Lee Letarte Jr

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