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Escape the Fate – Out of the Shadows (Album Review)

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A band filled with interesting historical footnotes, all these years later, Escape the Fate still stands tall. Originating back in 2004, they quickly rose to fame with 2006’s debut album Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. Featuring Ronnie Radke on vocals, who would eventually find his own road to success with Falling in Reverse, Escape the Fate would quickly employ the vocals of Craig Mabbitt… never to look back. 

With Mabbitt, formerly of both Blessthefall and The Word Alive, the band would find a perfect fit , helping them attain a slew of mainstream Rock singles that charted well including “Issues,” “Gorgeous Nightmare,” “You’re Insane.” With Mabbitt, a member since 2008, and co-founder Robert Ortiz on drums, much more has changed for Escape the Fate along their journey. Thankfully sustaining it all, in 2023 they return with their new album Out of the Shadows

Amply titled, almost as if it is a battle cry from a band who is determined to go on, the lineup here consists of Ortiz on drums, Mabbitt on vocals, “TJ” Bell on guitar, plus Erik Jensen on bass and Matti Hoffman on guitar, respectively. The first time this lineup has recorded an album together, Out of the Shadows arrived on September 1st through Big Noise Records. Their first with the label, at this point Escape The Fate have eight albums under their belt including 2013’s Ungrateful, 2015’s Hate Me in 2015, and 2021’s Chemical Warfare. On album number eight, Out of the Shadows, they bring 12 songs that each are refreshingly unique to one another. 

Known for their hardcore sound, Mabbit’s amazing vocal ability and versatility, as well as their violent guitar breaks, this album offers much more of the same, but all while featuring some progression. Energetic and inspired throughout, there are tons to take a bite out of; this includes the upbeat tempo of “H8 Myself” which shows off Ortiz’s exceptional skills behind the kit throughout. Joining it you also have “Traumatized,” where Mabbit softens his voice in sections for a sweet, heartbreaking song filled with angst, all while mixing in some blissfully Hardcore moments.  

Beyond these, it is important to mention the very diverse “Irreversible” matched with its heavy intro that switches on and off between moods like a hyper toddler with a light switch. And then there is “Cheers To Goodbye” with its somewhat creepy, lovely melody. The album’s closer, it is delightfully dark, combining both Mabbit and Ice Nine Kills’ Spencer Charnas dueling on vocals.

All In All, Out Of The Shadows brings you an album that you can relate with. Featuring songs about the personal battles we face on our way to become the best versions of ourselves, it is a bold moment for Escape the Fate.  Showing their versatility and refined skill, Escape the Fate do not disappoint here. That is why Cryptic Rock gives Out Of The Shadows  4.5 out of 5 stars.

Escape the Fate - Out of the Shadows album artwork
Escape the Fate – Out of the Shadows / Big Noise Records (2023)

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