Eve To Adam – Locked & Loaded (Album review)

eve to adam edited 1 - Eve To Adam - Locked & Loaded (Album review)

Eve To Adam – Locked & Loaded (Album review)

eve to adam new - Eve To Adam - Locked & Loaded (Album review)

New York based hard rockers Eve To Adam have been honing their craft over a decade now.  In 2001 the band blazed onto the scene with their major label debut Auburn Slip.  Since that time the band has released Queens Of Eden (2007) and Banquet For A Starving Dog (2011)With each album the band’s sound has become more clarified and progressed.  Their newest offering entitled Locked & Loaded  is a much anticipated  album fans are ready for.

The current single “Immortal” stands out as a clear winner on the album.  The song really brings out the energy and passion that this band has. With the lyrics “I am immortal I will never fade away”, this is one of the strong statements that the band has made with this record. Eve To Adam is proving a point that they are going to succeed by being different than the rest.   “Fortune Teller”  is another track which stands out.  The track is a hard and heavy song with a sound that is impenetrable. It’s the kind of song that smacks you immediately right upside the head with its hard  heavy tone and not only grabs your ear but your complete attention as well. “Shut Out The World” is another amazing track that certainly is an epic change of pace for an album that drives you hard with each and every song. It’s a beautiful and amazingly written song both lyrically and emotionally. The chorus has a soft falsetto from vocalist Taki Sassaris.  Sassaris shows his diverse vocalization skills proving he can sing at any level that is put in front of him.

Locked & Loaded has great guitar riffs and a melodic sound that is edgy.   The album has hook tones that can make even the hardest of a person want to have a good time. Hard rock fans and fans of rock in general are really going to enjoy this album through it’s entirety, honestly there is no way they couldn’t.  This album will certainly give Eve To Adam the wide mainstream attention that they not only have worked hard for but deserve as well. Locked & Loaded is a solid release and certainly an album worth going out to buy a copy and give a listen. Cryptic Rock gives this album 4.5 out of 5 stars!

eve to adam - Eve To Adam - Locked & Loaded (Album review)
Reviewed by Lee Letarte Jr

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Lee Letarte
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Lee Letarte Jr has been a fan of music since the age of 8 when he purchased his first metal/hard rock album Stuck Mojo’s “Snappin Necks” and has been in love with the world of music ever since then. Since the age of 17 till now Lee has attended thousands of concerts, turning his passion for photography and music into one of the biggest parts of his life. While working with Crypticrock.com and Rock 105.5 “Carolina’s Pure Rock” He is currently in school for Graphic Arts/Advertisement & Design with a minor in Business Administration and Marketing. He makes it a point that whenever he covers a show that he is able to capture the moments to make people who could not be there, feel as if they are there front row. Lee also makes it a priority to attend as many concerts as he can, because he is a firm believer that music makes life that much more epic.

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