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Everclear – Live at the Whisky A Go Go (Live Album Review)

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Forming in the early 90s, Everclear are one of the most recognizable Alternative Rock bands of the decade. Led by Art Alexakis, the band would debut in 1993 first with their Nervous & Weird EP, before the full-length album World of Noise. From here they would pick up more steam after signing to Capitol Records, going onto release Sparkle and Fade in 1995, the mega hit So Much for the Afterglow in 1997, before the platinum selling Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile and Songs from an American Movie Vol. Two: Good Time for a Bad Attitude both in 2000.

An amazing run of continued success, in all, they have released nine studio albums, had a slew of radio hits, and have kept the good vibes coming into present times. A really wonderful story of a hardworking group of musicians with an ever-unique sound, in 2022 they celebrated the 30th anniversary of Everclear with a special tour. Exciting for fans, to commemorate the anniversary they captured a live set at Los Angeles’ famous The Whisky a Go Go on December 1, 2022. A night filled with emotion, especially with Alexakis’ personal ties to Southern California, the live show became available for fans to purchase as an album on September 8, 2023 through Sunset Blvd Records.

Calling the new release Live at the Whisky A Go Go, it actually marks the band’s first ever official live album. Available for streaming, it is also for sale on both CD, as well as a 2-LP Coke bottle green vinyl. Quite cool to hear for those who still value the importance of physical format music, the live set includes 15 songs, an introduction from accomplished Music Journalist Matt Pinfield, but also two other very special bonuses.

Discussing the live set first and foremost, it is full of energy, positivity, and thoughtful interaction with the audience. Alexakis, along with long-time bandmates Davey French (guitar), Freddy Herrera (bass), Brian Nolan (drums), team up for a performance that offers fans all the beloved hits such as “Father of Mine,” “Santa Monica,” “I Will Buy You a New Life,” “Everything to Everyone,” and “Wonderful,” but also some deeper tracks such as “Fire Maple Song,” “Nervous and Weird,” and “Strawberry.” Each blossoming with life, the best part is the record legitimately sounds live and not glossed over by studio edits. As a result, you feel like you are actually in the room experiencing the special night for yourself. 

Beyond this, the new release also includes 2 newer studio record songs that make it even more enticing. First there is the 2022 single “Year of the Tiger,” followed by the most recent single “Sing Away.” Both very strong songs that feel and sound like classic Everclear, looking at the most recent track, “Sing Away” is a beautiful performance, but yet very tragic tale. Brought to life by Alexakis sincere, empathic voice, it is something that not only makes you think, but hope that people will be a little more caring toward one another.

Putting everything together, Live at the Whisky A Go Go is a fitting celebration of 30 years of Everclear. The live recording is fun and exciting, plus the new studio songs are a fantastic sample of what may come from Everclear in 2024 and beyond. Excited for the potential of this anniversary show’s release on DVD or Blu-ray in the future, Cryptic Rock gives Everclear’s Live at the Whisky A Go Go album 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Everclear - Live at The Whisky A Go Go album artwork
Everclear – Live at The Whisky A Go Go / Sunset Blvd Records (2023)

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