Evil Dead (Movie Review)

Evil Dead (Movie Review)

The never ending list of horror film remakes is expanded yet again now adding Evil Dead. Before diving into this review let’s make one thing clear never does a remade film ever stand up to an original. Most of the time it’s simply an easy way to make a profit off a known classic film without having to create a new idea. Hollywood knows that the masses will flock to the theaters because it’s an idea people are familiar with. Sometimes in the case of Evil Dead they use the modern film term called “re-imaging”. With that said let’s begin discussing the new Evil Dead, in theaters as of April 5, 2013.

The film has the same basic concept of the original. Cabin in the woods, group of young people go into the woods, find book of the dead, and become possessed by demons. That is where the similarity between the original and 2013 version end. In this revamped Evil Dead we have a group of friends coming to this cabin in the woods to help detox their friend from addiction. The story moves slow from here and is less than interesting. The characters are whiny and display no redeeming qualities. The book of the dead is found and the forbid words are read by one of the characters and the demonic party begins.

The film continues to drag and as a viewer you find yourself very frustrated with the cast. Their acting is poor and characters are weak. There is no clear protagonist and you are left feeling indifferent about the faint of each character. As things begin to get worse and hell is breaking loose you are desensitized with excessive gore. The excellent make-up effects were possibly the only redeeming quality but considering the overly gory nature you could hardly appreciate it. Director Fede Alvarez clearly tried to make this new version of Evil Dead much more serious than the original cult classic. This attempt was an epic failure as the story line is weak and character development just as weak. The film offered none of the same charm or lasting imaginary as the original Evil Dead. The dialogue falls into the modern film cliché of excessive vulgarity for no apparent reason.

This is merely a big budget Hollywood film. Playing on the idea that in 2013 more is better than less and rehashing old ideas in an excessive modern fashion. The original writer and director Sam Raimi and original star Bruce Campbell “Ash” are listed as producers on this new Evil Dead. This was a drawing card for Hollywood. They knew that not only would they attract a new audience with this film but they could possibly draw in the diehard fans of the original by including their names in the credits. Reports even say Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell claim to like this new film and gave their blessings to new director Fede Alvarez. The wool has been pulled over our eyes. Big money is being made here and why wouldn’t Sami Raimi and Bruce Campbell want to cash in on that? In closing Evil Dead (2013) is forgettable and just another remake added to a laundry list of them. CrypticRock gives this film 1 out of 5 stars.

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