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Exploring Birdsong – Dancing in the Face of Danger (EP Review)

Exploring Birdsong band 2023

Still relatively fresh to the music scene, the UK trio calling themselves Exploring Birdsong are rather unique to much else going on at this point in time. Formed back in 201, they signed on with German label Long Branch Records, going on to release their The Thing With Feathers EP in 2019. Their debut to much of the world, the EP was fit with 6 songs and already proved them to be a mature set of musicians far beyond their years who knew how to craft songs filled with delicate texture.

Complete with Lynsey Ward on vocals/keys, Jonny Knight on bass/keys, and Matt Harrison on drums/percussion, what they bring together as Exploring Birdsong is music that shows that you can still have a driven sound without a need for guitars. Now, you would think if they are not utilizing guitars in their music that they must be a Synthpop or straight up modern Pop act, right? Wrong. Instead, they create a sound that is stirring by intelligent piano melodies, tingling details amidst everything, all while still seeming to sound heavier thanks to the powerful drumming and bass.

This all-in mind, Exploring Birdsong continues to grow, and it shows with their 2023 follow up EP Dancing in the Face of Danger. Released on March 24th through Long Branch Records, the collection consists of 5 new songs that showcase an even more mature progression for the collective. 

Complete with absolutely beautiful sense of melody throughout each song, the layered vocals of Ward are what draw you in even more. Captivating, there are songs like “Pyre,” the darker “The Way Down,” and slow building of “Bear the Weight” which just scratch the surface. However, there is also the more Pop “Ever the Optimist” which apparently was something that took shape back in 2018 when Ward and Harrison had the honor of working with Paul McCartney for a one-on-one writing session. Something most only dream of, what came out of that is perhaps Exploring Birdsong’s most accessible tunes to date, and perhaps a gateway for new listeners.

Overall, if you are still new to this fast-rising act, Dancing in the Face of Danger is a must listen. Fitting somewhere within the realm of Pop, Alternative Rock, and something even more dark and atmospheric, you can make the argument that fans of acts like The Cranberries all the way through to those who enjoy The Gathering will love what they hear with Exploring Birdsong. 

Keeping their momentum going, they recently released the new stand alone single “Diamond Eyes” in November. Highly atmospheric, it is also a more Pop leaning track that should act as an attention grabber. Excited to see where this band goes in the future, Cryptic Rock gives Dancing in the Face of Danger and their latest single 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Exploring Birdsong - Dancing in the Face of Danger album
Exploring Birdsong – Dancing in the Face of Danger / Long Branch Records (2023)

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