Eyes Set To Kill – Eyes Set To Kill (Album Review)

Eyes Set To Kill – Eyes Set To Kill (Album Review)

If you are ready to break through the chains of bland, recycled Metal, escape into Eyes Set To Kill, the newest release from, no shocker, Eyes Set To Kill. The anticipated new album arrived on Friday, February 16, 2018, thanks to Century Media Records and it is scorching!

Arizona’s Eyes Set To Kill formed in 2003 and have been creating massive Metal sounds for the past fifteen impressive years. Line-up changes? Oh, there has been quite a few! Though, it all boils down to the band’s killer perseverance and dogged determination. Their albums are a testament to this, with their past five full-length releases ranging from 2008’s Reach to 2013’s Masks.

Over the years, Eyes Set To Kill have amassed an impressive following, leading to over 1.2 million Facebook likes, mentions in the pages of noteworthy publications ranging from USA Today to Alternative Press, hosting an episode of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, and incessant, rabid touring. Eyes Set To Kill have shared stages with the likes of Rob Zombie, Papa Roach, Motionless In White, Black Veil Brides, Blessthefall, Falling In Reverse, and, of course, they have performed on the Vans Warped Tour. In fact, the band has crossed the globe over five-times, headlining in such far off reaches as Jakarta, Indonesia and frequenting South American stages as well.

With their newest release, the self-titled Eyes Set To Kill, the band – Alexia Rodriguez (vocals, guitar, keyboards), A.J. Bartholomew (guitars), and Caleb Clifton (drums) – are offering up their overall sixth release and an album that is five years in-the-making. So, why the eponymous title? Frontwoman Rodriguez explains: “There were times we felt like outside forces may tear us down but found that our music gave us the strength to move on through. We self-titled this album because these songs define the toughest moments of our lives as people and artists while also instilling hope when we really needed it most.

The thirteen-song Eyes Set To Kill begins with the one-minute intro, “Burn Down,” building in tension to inquire, “Are you choosing to watch the world burn down?” This explodes into the first, proper track “Die Trying,” fraught with pummeling bass that sets the pace for Rodriguez’s gritty, emphatic vocals. “I’m gonna break through the chains, ready to make my own way or die trying,” she exhorts.

Rodriguez’s vocals continue to soar into “Not Sorry,” a discussion of the battle-scars of our youth, placing bitter blame, and being sorry-not-sorry for being young and stupid. This leads perfectly into the throbbing “Break” along with the blistering bass-lines of rocker “Survive.” Continuing to rock, Eyes Set To Kill inject more grit into their attack on “Never Forget,” a bewitching romper-stomper that promises that what goes around just might be your just desserts!

The straightforward, rocking choruses of “Saved You With A Lie” lead into the slowed tempo of the emotionally raw “Devastated.” Here, a crushed heart bleeds out: “I’m giving back this poison pill, just throw it away / I don’t want to feel this way, so devastated.” In turn, this bruised heart learns to move onward in “Letting Go,” the rocking struggle to leave it all behind and move onward with scars. It all flows perfectly into the downtempo, soaring “Drift Away,” jackhammering haunt of “Misery,” and the ballad-esque, electronic accoutrements of “Voices.” They end on the 1990’s Alternative Rock fueled “Who We Used to Be.”

Like their song-titles, Eyes Set To Kill’s tracks are succinct and always straight-to-the-point lyrically. With a definite ‘90s Alt Rock influence embedded in their work, there are hints of the Riot Grrrls of yesterday flowing through Rodriguez’s gutsy, gritty vocal theatrics. While she sings of personal struggles and emotional topics here – not the feminist agenda – Rodriguez is clearly a strong woman with a lot of Rock-n-Roll pummeling to offer the world, and fans will absolutely eat it up! Eyes Set To Kill, therefore, is a triumphant return of sorts, a promise that there is so very much more to come from these Metalheads. For these reasons, CrypticRock give Eyes Set To Kill’s Eyes Set To Kill 4 of 5 stars.

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