Fake Figures – We Are the Dead (EP Review)

Fake Figures – We Are the Dead (EP Review)

Fake Figures, featuring members of Atreyu, Hotwire, and Scars of Tomorrow, release their brand new EP, We Are the Dead, to digital and vinyl on Friday, November 15th, 2019, via War Against Records.

Southern California’s Fake Figures joined forces in 2011 and you can consider them something of a SoCal Metalcore supergroup (who don’t play Metalcore). With their 2011 debut, Hail the Sycophants, as well as 2014 6-song EP, They Must Be Destroyed, they established themselves and set out to create a unique sound that blends elements of Metal, Alternative, and Punk, all with an undertone of the music from the late ‘90s. However, it wasn’t until recently that the band felt they had truly crafted their signature sound. “I think we captured something here with these songs that we missed the mark on with our past releases,” says Vocalist Rus Martin.

But they’ve got this now! On We are the Dead, Fake Figures—Vocalist Martin (Hotwire), Guitarist Travis Miguel (Atreyu), Bassist Bob Bradley (Scars of Tomorrow), and Drummer Steve Ludwig (Nations Afire)—present 5 tracks that fully embrace their sonic goals. Working with Producer Kris Comeaux (Assuming We Survive), the quartet has fine-tuned their fully amalgamated sound into something that is truly unique to Fake Figures.

We Are the Dead opens to the gritty, bass-heavy “Hole In the Sky” with choruses that provide a true wall of sound. If you’re looking for a classification, one might deem the track Post-Hardcore as there are clear Hardcore influences throughout the choruses and hard rocking verses. Next, showing off the exceptional guitar skills of Miguel, “You’re Distant” grooves through some grungy Alt Rock roots to prove that the band have some very eclectic musical tastes.

Going for a heavier, more brutal attack, the rapid-fire “Bury the Hatchet” couples the sounds of its two predecessors into a cohesive and enjoyable stomp. Meanwhile, soaring melodies explode in rocker “Gone Again” before the EP reaches its conclusion all too soon with the titular “We Are the Dead.” Featuring guest vocals from Singer-Songwriter Jonah Matranga (Far, Onelinedrawing), the track meanders through an epic journey that clocks in at over five minutes, venturing forth in the name of inner-strength and letting go of the lies.

With the We Are the Dead EP, Fake Figures present a delicious sound that falls somewhere in the vicinity of Alice In Chains meets Finch—a blissful union of early 2000s Metalcore, 1990’s Alt Rock, and much, much more. Heavy yet melodic, inspired by better musical times and yet fully modern, Fake Figures inject a clear respect for their forebears into all that they touch. For this, Cryptic Rock give Fake Figures’ We Are the Dead EP 4 of 5 stars.

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