A man singing into a microphone.

A man singing into a microphone.

Fates Warning electrify Revolution Amityville, NY 11-26-13

Fates Warning is one of the most synonymous names with the progressive metal movement during the 1980’s. Their history is rich in progressive material which has influenced a generation of bands to follow. Through some line-up changes the band has managed to keep things going and to much excitement of fans they are back on the road touring. This time in support of their first studio album in a decade entitled Darkness in a Different Light. It’s been a long time coming for Fates Warning and a series of side projects, such as the collaboration between founding guitarist Jim Matheos and original vocalist Jon Arch known as Arch/Matheos, putting new music on the back burner for a while. Refreshed, excited, and ready to rock Fates Warning graced the stage of Revolution in Amityville, NY on Tuesday November 26th. Being Thanksgiving week and the poor weather outside, the club was packed to the gills ready to see Fates Warning.

The evening had a list of 5 bands opening, including direct support by progressive metal act Halcyon Way.  From Atlanta, GA, Halcyon Way released their full-length debut A Manifesto For Domination in 2008. Since that time the band has toured the world spreading the word of their music. Led by vocalist Steve Braun, they provided an action packed performance of high octane progressive metal. Jon Bodan (guitars) gave off a glowing energy with his playing. Drawing a younger crowd to the show, Halcyon Way had many in attendance singing along and moving to their songs. They offered an aggressive take on prog-metal with mixing harsh and clean vocals. Be on a look out for their new album Conquer due out in 2014.

Fates Warning took the stage to an overwhelming cheer. The set opened with the high energy new track “One Thousand Fires”. The combination of Matheos’ guitar playing with Joey Vera (bass) and Bobby Jarzombek (drums) made for a spectacle to watch right off the bat. This new track along with other new tracks “I Am”, and “Firefly” really interjected new life into Fates Warning live show. The songs are well crafted, fresh, and exciting to see played live. Ray Alder appeared to be in high spirit and enthused to be performing new tracks live. Adler even tested the fans to see if they knew the words to the new tracks and the crowd responded loudly, singing along each word.

Along with the showcase of this new material the band played a generous set of older classics. Fans watched attentively and ears rejoicing to the sound of tracks from Parallel (1991) including “Life in Still Water”, “The Eleventh Hour”, and “Point of View”. A stand out aspect of the show was the fact that Fates Warning played the trilogy of A Pleasant Shade of Gray (1997) parts “III”, “VI”, and “XI”. These songs have been part of the band’s set on numerous occasions but it was special to see them all performed in the same set.

With a well balanced set, Fates Warning showed energy and excitement throughout. Alder’s voice was powerful, clear, and just as spectacular from the time he took over as vocalist back in 1987. They gave the fans something different while keeping true to fan favorites such as “The Eleventh Hour”, “Point of View”, and “Still Remains”. Leaving the stage after the 15 song set the fans were not ready to go home just yet. The crowd cheered for more, and more they got with the band coming out for an encore including “Wish” and “Monument”. If you have the opportunity to catch Fates Warning on this Darkness in a Different Light Tour do so before it’s too late.

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