Favorite Horror Movies Revealed: Ash Costello of New Years Day

Favorite Horror Movies Revealed: Ash Costello of New Years Day

Some just naturally gravitate toward the darker side of art and find inspiration amidst it all to create something all their own. Such is the case with Ash Costello, a lady who has been in fascination with the macabre since a young age. Helping inspire her artistic direction, Costello has successfully created a unique sound and image that distinguish her band New Years Day. A mix of Rock, Punk, and Metal, the darkened style of New Years Day has shifted shapes through the years, coming to life vividly with their latest album, Unbreakable. Also a product of the lead lady’s undying love for Horror films, Costello cannot help but indulge in her favorites whenever she can. Speaking of which, with so many to choose from, she recently took the time to break down her current Top 10 Horror movies of all time for one neatly packed list. 

10) Scream (1996): One of the greatest franchises! It’s funny, suspenseful, and iconic! 

Dimension Films

9) Evil Dead (2013): Beautifully and tastefully done!

TriStar Pictures

8) American Psycho (2000): Because it’s just ridiculously fun!


7) The Nun (2018): I recently fell in love with The Nun. It’s beautiful, the music is gorgeous, and there are some very creepy moments. 

Warner Bros.

6) Phantasm (1979): This is just nostalgic for me. It’s not very good, but maybe that’s why I like it so much!

5) It (2017): I love movies that creep you out rather than startle you. Movies that internally make you feel uncomfortable. I love Pennywise. I tend to go for the sassy Horror icons and perhaps that’s why I wasn’t ever a huge Michael Myers or Jason fan. I like my Horror icons to have some sass, speak, and show their personalities. 

Warner Bros.

4) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974): The concept of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is, truth be told, one of the scariest there is. 

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3) House of 1000 Corpses (2003): This movie is hard not to love because the characters are so fun and so colorful that you immediately buy into them and root for the bad guys the entire movie, which isn’t usual. 


2) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984): This is my favorite Horror movie franchise of all time. Now I am not saying I enjoy watching every movie in the franchise, there are a few I tend to skip, but as for my favorite, most iconic Horror movie main man, Freddy Krueger is the best. He has everything you want. He’s lovable even! 

New Line Cinema

1) The Shining (1980): My favorite Horror movie of all-time. It’s my comfort movie. I put it on in the background nearly all the time. I love the music. 

Warner Bros.

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