Fever 333 – Strength In Numb333rs (Album Review)

If you have not yet heard of Fever 333, well… you have now! Despite forming in only 2017, this nascent band has already made some massive waves in the music industry with their 2018 EP  Made An America. Now, Fever 333 are ready to grab the world by the throat with their debut record  Strength In Numb333rs.

Set to release Friday, January 18th through Roadrunner Records and 333 Wreckords, this LP is here to start your 2019 off right. With a lineup comprised of industry veterans from late, great bands like letlive and The Chariot, it should come as no surprise that Strength In Numb333rs could already be setting itself up for album of the year with its engaging mix of Thrash, Hardcore, and Rap.

Channeling bands like Rage Against The Machine both musically and politically, Fever 333’s music is meant to wake fans up to issues that affect disenfranchised folks in our society. By promoting inclusivity at their live shows – called “demonstrations” by the band – Vocalist Jason Aalon Butler (ex-Letlive) wants to ensure that all who take part in Fever 333’s music get their voices heard. By taking aim at issues like authoritative injustice, gentrification, and systematic oppression, this band is out to inspire, inform, and mobilize their listeners – and they are doing so their way.

With their brief intro track “…,” Fever 333 demonstrate their riotous sound and messages of inclusivity before Butler yells that he wants you to know “there’s a motherfuckin’ fever comin’.” Whew. That statement bleeds right into lead single “Burn It,” an explosive track that artfully blends together a multitude of genres and channels musical influences from all over the map. Urgent guitar riffs from Stephen Harrison (ex-The Chariot) and chaotic drum fills from Aric Improta (Night Verses) bolster Butler’s extreme vocals that range from Rap to Punk as he shouts “sometimes you gotta burn it down to build it up again… no one’s innocent.”

Following that up with the similarly urgent “Animal,” which lilts back and forth between sludgy guitar riffs and Electronic drum beats, Fever 333 keep up the strong momentum. Not slowing down for anything, “Prey For Me/3” shows that Butler’s gritty vocals can carry a more melodic chorus just as easily as a tight Rap-inspired verse.

Though most tracks on this record use quick beats and heavy guitars to get their point across, with “Inglewood/3,” the band slows things down. Butler recounts the hardships of his youth in thoughtful verses and a ballad-like chorus that shows off his melodic capabilities, but as this seven minute track evolves into some of the wildest moments on the LP, Butler pushes his voice to what sounds like the breaking point – in a good way. The band’s passion in this track and other slower moments like “Am I Here?” are undeniable. Fever 333 demand to be listened to, and they will not stop until their message reaches everyone.

Overall, Strength In Numb333rs is a massive debut. Fever 333 are on a meteoric rise, and these ten tracks are sure to be filling arenas and taking over the airwaves throughout 2019 and beyond. Any fan of Metal, Hardcore, Rap, Alternative, Thrash – heavy music in general, really – is sure to find something to inspire them on this album. For these reasons, Cryptic Rock gives Fever 333’s  Strength In Numb333rs 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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