Final Girl (Movie Review)

final girl slide - Final Girl (Movie Review)

Final Girl (Movie Review)

Who needs weapons when they are the ultimate weapon? It may come in handy when a bunch of hunters need to be taught a lesson. However, Cinedigm’s Final Girl is not about one’s typical type of hunting…

Produced by Jack Nasser (The Whole Ten Yards 2004, Tactical Force 2011), Rob Carliner (Crazy Heart 2009, The Forger 2014) and Joseph Nasser (The Whole Ten Yards 2004, Dawn Rider 2012), this action based Drama Thriller was the directorial debut of Tyler Shields (Outlaw 2016) and offers audiences a unique story that builds up throughout the entire film, paying close attention to detail in an enthralling revenge story. Kyle T. Moore (Fantastic Four 2005, Sucker Punch 2011) teamed up with Supernatural’s Christian Blaze to create both the practical and visual effects. The screenplay was written by Adam Prince (Red Sky 2014), Stephen Scarlata (Viva La Bam 2003, Die, Mommie, Die! 2003), Alejandro Seri (Fernando: In The Moment 2014), and Johnny Silver (E-Day 2011) while the music was composed by Marc Canham (The Disappearance of Alice Creed 2009, When the Lights Went Out 2012), creating a winning combo.

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Still from Final Girl

Beyond the storyline, the casting in this low budget film is what reels audiences in, with each unique character frothing with both charisma and madness. The ultimate star of this film – the final girl – was played by the beautiful, young, Oscar nominated Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine 2006, Zombieland 2009), an actress who has been in front of the camera since age three. Alongside Breslin is Wes Bentley (American Beauty 1999, Interstellar 2014), Alexander Ludwig (The Hunger Games 2012, The Final Girls 2015), Logan Huffman (V 2009, Bad Turn Worse 2013), Cameron Bright (The Butterfly Effect 2004, Ultraviolet 2006), Reece Thompson (Daydream Nation 2010, The Perks of Being a Wallflower 2012) and Francesca Eastwood (True Crime 1999, Jersey Boys 2014).

Final Girl begins with a young Veronica (Gracyn Shinyei) who has just lost her family as she meets a man named William (Bentley). They discuss her parents’ death and he gives her a series of tests to complete. After discussing the death of his own family at the hands of a bad man, William propositions the young girl for a unique assignment, one fit only for special people and involves intensive training. She takes him up on his offer and, twelve years later, Veronica (Breslin) is no longer a young girl, but a sexy, bombshell blonde with the knowledge and ability to kick ass without any weapons.

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Still from Final Girl

Meanwhile, as Veronica continues her training, four boys:  Jameson (Ludwig), Daniel (Huffman), Nelson (Thompson), and Shane (Bright) get their kicks by going to a local diner, picking out a blonde girl and taking her into the nearby forest to play a sadistic game of cat and mouse. One night they invite a waitress, Gwen (Eastwood), out to the woods for a date where they proceed to hunt and kill her. William gives Veronica the mission to lure and kill the diner boys, because not only are they responsible for killing Gwen, but many other girls have suffered the fate of their hunting. Veronica is to ensure that Gwen would be the last death by their hands by baiting the boys and using the skills she has developed over the years to end their horrible party game, making her the final girl…but what if she failed?

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Still from Final Girl

Final Girl, not to be mistaken by the Horror Slasher Comedy The Final Girls (2015), was released in the United States on August 14th, 2015 through video on demand and was released via DVD and Blu-Ray two months later on October 6th. This film is an exclusive revenge story that builds up to an exciting climax and finishes off with a satisfying ending. Audiences will be rooting for the final girl until the very end, but can she complete her mission and survive the hunt? CrypticRock gives Final Girl 4 out of 5 stars

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