Forever Still – Breathe In Colours (Album Review)

Once in a blue moon, music lovers will find a band that stands out from the pack. That in mind, the Danish Alternative Metal band known as Forever Still has flown under the radar the past few years. Fortunately through dedication and hard work, Forever Still has grabbed some attention, making them one of Metal’s fastest rising bands with the pending release of their new album, Breathe In Colours, on Friday, March 29th through Nuclear Blast.  

A follow-up to their 2016 release, Tied Down, the inspiration for Breathe In Colours derives from the 1982 classic Sci-Fi dystopian future film Blade Runner. A band led by the songwriting duo of Singer Maja Shining and Multi-Instrumentalist Mikkel Haastrup, for their latest album, they decided to take a different approach to the music, bringing longtime live Drummer Rune Frisch into the studio to work on the songs. A bold move, considering Shining and Haastrup have self-produced everything relating to the band, from the first two EPs to tours for many years. 

Making the creative process more collaborative this go-around, compared to 2016’s Tied Down, Forever Still’s Breathe In Colours dips into a more evolutionized and Industrial sound; a style which coincides with the ongoing theme and inspiration. Additionally, the album takes on an almost Horror-themed sound, which is something that is not usually done well these days.

Ten tracks in total, not including two bonus cuts, Breathe In Colours begins with the explosive “Rewind.” To a nice surprise, a theremin helps transform pain into this banger. Next, the rough intentions in “Fight!” shine bright, from the abrupt disturbance intro to the sass detected in Shining’s voice. The same aggression translates in “Survive,” which is arguably the best track on the record. Dark and heavy, the groove is mesmerizing while the bridge is something to die for. Envisioned as a Metal Alanis Morisette, Shining sings how sometimes you are better off alone than to be suffocated by toxicity.

Defiance is in the air for “Do Your Worst,” a track that relays standing strong despite all odds. With more futuristic sounds and displays of Shining’s higher vocal range, this track oozes confidence. The same holds true for title piece “Breathe In Colours,” where the combination of whispers and tough screams about finding the ‘colours that you lack,’ landing the band onto Spotify’s Heavy Queens and New Metal Tracks playlists.

Then there is the album’s latest single, “Is It Gone?,” making its way up there as sweet toned electric guitars highlight this ballad. The dark undertones purifies the innocence and serenity in Shining’s voice. This is while other ballad such as “Pieces” carries a funky undertone, which creates tension during the heart-wrenching confession “I can’t save myself.” With plenty more in between the lines, “Embrace The Tide” radiates a soaring string-like sound in the background adding a beautiful touch to the high energy that packs as the perfect ending to Breathe In Colours.

From gloomy, hollow chimes to gritty, gooey bass, Breathe In Colours will have something that every Hard Rock listener loves. The album is like finding the center of a tootsie pop: it gets better the further you get. Featuring great production with a perfect mix of heavy and beautiful melodies, Forever Still is a breath of fresh air on the Rock scene. For these reasons, Cryptic Rock gives Breathe In Colours 4 out of 5 stars.

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