Found (Movie Review)

Found (Movie Review)

Found is the latest movie by writer director Scott Schirmer to be released by XLrator Media as of September 23rd. Based a novel written by film co-writer Todd Rigney, Found was initially released back in 2012, but in 2014, it was picked for distribution after being played at a variety of film festivals and catching attention.  In May of this year, the film was banned in Australia for its  ‘prolonged and detailed depictions of sexualized violence’, which is something to keep in mind before you watch it.

Still from Found
Gavin Brown as Marty in Found

That said, Found is a unique and dark look into the perspective of Marty (Gavin Brown: Above the Fruited Plains 2014, The Impersonators 2014), a twelve year old boy who lives at home with his Mom Lisa (Phyllis Munro: Contrition 2012, Proxy 2013), Dad Stanley (Louie Lawless: Don’t See It Alone 2008, Tow 2010), and brother Steve (Ethan Phillbeck).  Marty is a loner, has a love for all things Horror, is frequently bullied and no one seems to understand him. He also has a rather unique problem; his big brother Steve is a serial killer and Marty knows. He has a disturbing habit of keeping the heads of the people he kills in a bowling ball bag, which is in his closet. Marty cannot seem to stop himself looking at them; while he is disturbed by the sight, he is more afraid of Steve finding out he knows. Marty lives in intermittent fear that Steve will kill him, but his love for his brother makes him more determined to foster that relationship. Marty’s mother ,Lisa, does not notice the problems in her own home, and their father, Stanley, is a bigoted, racist pig, who is not adverse to physically hitting his kids.

Marty has one friend, David (Alex Kogin), who eventually succumbs to peer pressure and tries to end his friendship with Marty. At some point, Marty has had enough and he starts to stick up for himself; it does not go well, but it does bring out the brotherly bond in Steve, and viewers get to see different sides to him.

Still from Found
Still from Found

Throughout the movie, it is easy to feel the darkness surrounding Marty, and see where he starts absorbing some of it, using Steve to dispatch his enemies in gory fashion. The movie is very visceral, with a lot of bleakness, but, although Marty’s life becomes a real life horror movie, Marty is still able to keep a handle on his rage and pain, even when offered a brutal alternative.

The end scene of the movie is incredible, showing an intensely violent and evil situation. For most, it would be an unfathomable horror, but it reveals the true depth of Marty and the many layers that make up his character. For such a young actor, Gavin Brown is equally destined for great things. While Found is graphic, the plot is so tightly wound and twisted that the gore is not out of place. The suspense is so palpable; expect permanent finger marks in the arms of one’s favorite chair. Making his film debut, Phillbeck’s portrayal of Steve will, most definitely, not be his last. He plays Steve with such raw emotion and rage; it is comparable to Christian Bales portrayal of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho (2000).

Ethan Philbeck as Steven in Found
Ethan Philbeck as Steve in Found

This movie is so sharp, it will cut its audience deeply and leave a scar remaining. It is disturbing and it has a dark twisted story-line that begs the question, how much is nurture and how much is nature in creating a serial killer. The short movie within Found titled Headless will be released into its own movie with special effects supervisor Arthur Cullipher directing it.  Those who find themselves brave enough to watch it, if the exerpt in Found is anything to go by, do not eat beforehand.  CrypticRock give Found 5 out of 5 stars.

Found Theatrical Poster mech

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